Wes Craven Profile
“Horror films don’t create fear. They release it.” Wes Craven Moviemaker Wes Craven is famous as a horror specialist whose..
Wesley Snipes Profile
actor, producer
“I have a great deal of fun playing Blade. The lifestyle of it, the controlled rebelliousness, is wonderful to me. And it's..
Whitney Cummings Profile
"Well, stand-up is something that you just get better and better at, and as you grow, you just get more experiences and..
Whitney Houston Profile
actress, musician, producer
“I almost wish I could be more exciting, that I could match what is happening out there to me.” Whitney Houston..
Whoopi Goldberg Profile
actress, comedian, producer
"Babe: Pig in the City. Wasn't that the Linda Tripp Story?" Whoopi Goldberg (while hosting the 1999 Academy Awards..
Willa Ford Profile
Actress, Singer
Willa Holland Profile
Actress, Model
American model and actress Willa Holland, the stepdaughter of Brian De Palma, is perhaps best known for her role of Kaitlin..
Will Arnett Profile
"This pilot ("Arrested Development" (2003)), by far, was the best I ever read -- and I hope that insults ever..
Willem Dafoe Profile
"To this day, I can't believe I was so brazen to think I could pull off the Jesus role." Willem Dafoe Oscar nomin..
Will Estes Profile
“I think education is one of the greatest tools for most kids, not only to expand their book knowledge, but their abil..
Will Ferrell Profile
actor, comedian
"I'm not really an exhibitionist. I'm drawn to the outrageous stuff because it's fun, not because it's some deep compul..
Will Forte Profile
“Now I'm delighted to have the opportunity to write stuff for myself, which is fantastic, and selfish.” Will Fort..
William Baldwin Profile
Actor, Model
“I see myself much more so as an actor. Acting is my career and activism is my passionate hobby. But acting is my livelihood..
William deVry Profile
“Know that success will happen. Don't pray that it will happen. Don't wonder when it will happen. Just know that if yo..
William Fichtner Profile
“Sometimes a director will say something that will inspire you and take you to a new place, and there is nothing I enjo..
William Friedkin Profile
Academy Award winning director, producer and screenwriter William Friedkin is best known for directing “The French Con..