Wallace Langham Profile
American actor Wallace Langham is known for his portrayals of distrustful head writer Phil on HBO's “The Larry Sander..
Walter Koenig Profile
"'Star Trek' has given me a considerable amount of satisfaction and a certain amount of respect in the industry commun..
Walter Matthau Profile
“To be successful in show business, all you need are 50 good breaks.” Walter Matthau Academy and Tony Award wi..
Walter Salles Profile
“I come from a country and also a continent whose identity is in the making. We're a very young culture and I think tha..
Walton Goggins Profile
“My roots are in the South and that's where my soul is.” Walton Goggins American character actor and film produ..
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Blond haired, blue eyed American actor Walt Willey is best known for playing Jackson Montgomery on the soap opera “All My C..
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Wanda Acuna is a Puerto Rican actress of television and film. Since making her professional debut in 1988, she has appeared..
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Puerto Rican American actress Wanda De Jesus is maybe best known for her roles as Santana Andrade (#4) on NBC's soap opera “..
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Kicking off her career as a standup comedian, Wanda Sykes later had TV audiences laughing for her roles and self-written mat..
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Director Wang Xiaoshuai achieved international stardom in 2001 with “Beijing Bicycle,” which won the Jury Grand..
Warren Beatty Profile
Actor, director, producer, writer, composer
Veteran actor/filmmaker Warren Beatty amazed many with his epic movie Reds (1981), in which his multiple tasks as director,..
Warren G Profile
Warren G is a Grammy Award nominating American West Coast rapper and hip hop producer. He rocketed to fame in 1994 with the..
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American actor Warren Kole, sometimes also credited as Warren Blosjo, is known for his performances on the films “Cou..
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First acquiring notice as the lead Ewok, Wicket, in “Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi” (1983), a role..
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“I'm not saying I'm not a good guy, but I'm not squeaky clean. I've been on Disney shows; there's a certain amount of t..