Kendall Jenner's Burn Book
SP_COP - December 06, 2014
Dazed cover star Kendall Jenner addresses ALL U H8ERS in our exclusive Burn Book video.SUBSCRIBE for a chance to win Kendall's Burn Book!Read the full article here:
Fox News' Elisabeth Hasselbeck Makes a Fool Out of Herself on Ebola
SP_COP - October 16, 2014
–Fox News’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes a fool out of herself on Ebola–On the Bonus Show: The latest from Adrian Peterson involves a charity funded orgy, an angry...
Rosie O'Donnell vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck Cat Fight!
SP_COP - October 16, 2014 .May 23, 2007 TV Show "The View" on ABC Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck went head to head during the "Hot Topics" segment. Rosie calling Elisabeth "Cowardly". That was...
Elisabeth Hasselbeck attempts to justify teabagger racism & homophobia
SP_COP - October 16, 2014
Elisabeth Hasselbeck tried to explain the appalling behavior of the teabaggers who called John Lewis the n-word, Barney Frank the F-word and spit on Emanuel Cleaver, but the ladies of THE VIEW weren't...
Joy Behar: Elisabeth Hasselbeck's 'Hate-Filled Remark' About Rosie Was 'Below the Belt'
SP_COP - October 16, 2014
The View veteran Joy Behar joined Don Lemon on CNN Wednesday night to share her thoughts on the internal politics surrounding the daytime show. Behar welcomed the idea of Rosie O'Donnell returning and...
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tongue-Tied By Honesty About Drugs
SP_COP - October 16, 2014
"An interview on Fox News took an unexpected turn on Monday, and shocked the host when a guest explained that reasonable pot rules in the NFL would not make teens use more reported last...
Spaghetti Meatball Soup - Rachael Ray On The Food Network
SP_COP - October 15, 2014
Visit: Rachael Ray making her spaghetti and meatball soup on The Food Network....
Fancy Fast Food on ''Rachael Ray''
SP_COP - October 15, 2014
Fancy Fast Food creator Erik Trinidad demonstrates how to transform Popeye's fried chicken into a fancy-looking mock sushi dish on Rachael Ray's daytime show. (Segment produced by Jessica Frankel Schu...
170 Jennifer Aniston On Rachael Ray Part 1
SP_COP - October 15, 2014
Jennifer Aniston brad pit holly word stars idoltary celebrity...