Fifth Harmony Vs. Demi Lovato: Best Rihanna 'Stay' Cover?!

By SP_COP on December 04, 2014
Holy Ballad City, guys! Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony have done an incredible job covering Rihanna's song "Stay"... so good in fact that I think it's time for a cover-off!

Let's start this cover train rollin' with Miss Demi, shall we? OK, her raspy, belting voice is so incredibly moving when she sings a slow song. It's like she takes all that energy and passion and compresses it. You can really hear the hurt and the pain coming through in her live performance of Stay and it's pretty intense.

But let's keep these Feels going with Fifth Harmony. OK, so I love how they jazzed this song up a little bit with a guitar and acapella riffs in the background. All these things blend together so beautifully, it's hard to believe it was ever any other way. And it almost goes without saying, but the Harmonies? #OnPoint.

I think everyone here did an amazing job, but a winner must be named! Who do you think covered Rihanna's ‘Stay’ the best?