Ariana Grande vs. Debby Ryan: Better 'Santa Baby' Cover?! (HOT MINUTE)

By SP_COP on October 14, 2014
Ariana Grande and Debby Ryan both take on the Christma, "Santa Baby!" So which version is your holiday anthem!?

It's the ultimate battle: Disney Star vs. Nickelodeon star -- retro vibe vs. a country rock grit feel - red head vs. red head... well, actually Ariana isn't really red anymore, but you know what I mean! So first up, our girl Debby recently posted her cover of the festive tune along with a festive video. Like I said, her take on the classic song is very twangy and different!

And Ariana has been killing it this year! Specifically, her holiday songs are on repeat in my household! That being said, her flirty & Mariah-esque take on "Santa Baby" is pretty snazzy. Oh, and she even has her former "Victorious" co-star Liz Gillies join her on the track!

Alright friends, which Santa Baby cover are you loving more? Let's talk it out in the comments and don't forget to subscribe!