Tori Spelling
Birth Date:
May 16, 1973
Birth Place:
Los Angeles, California, USA
5' 6
Famous for:
Her role as Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-2000)
Harvard-Westlake School for Girls in Bel Air, California
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Zip Code: 90210


"My character, Donna Martin, is kind of ditzy, into money. She puts down people who aren't popular. I think she's more sensitive than that though. I think she's really funny." Tori Spelling

Daughter of powerful producer Aaron Spelling, Tori Spelling is widely recognized for being cast as Donna Martin, from 1990 to 2000, in Fox's popular teen series Beverly Hills 90210. She also played a bit part in such films as House of Yes (1997), Scream 2 (1997) and Trick (1999).

On a personal front, Tori, whose natural hair color is dark brown, has dated Brian Austin, Nick Savalas and Beverly Hills 90210 companion, Vincent Young.

Tori has also been involved in several benevolent organizations, including the Dream Foundation and the Youth AIDS Foundation. Besides becoming the International Spokesperson for the Starlight Foundation, Tori Spelling recently received the Youth Leadership Award from the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. and the Youth Ambassador for Vision Award from Retinitis Pigmentosa International.

The Boogeyman

Childhood and Family:

Victoria Davey Spelling, later known as Tori Spelling, was born on May 16, 1973, to renowned film producer Aaron Spelling (born on April 22, 1923, produced such shows as Starsky & Hutch, Charlie's Angels, The Love Boat, and Fantasy Island) and Carol Jean Spelling (nicknamed Candy). Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, together with brother Randall Gene Spelling (actor, born on October 9, 1978), Tori attended The Westlake School for Girls in Bel Air.

Tori, who decorated her left ankle with a small tattoo of a rose, became engaged and later married "Maybe, Baby It's You" fellow actor Charlie Shanian on July 3, 2004.

Tori shared a glimpse into her personal life, stating, "I do have odd habits. I check under my bed every night for the boogeyman. That's just a little thing though."

Kidstar to Beverly Hills


Eight-year-old Tori Spelling initiated her first television appearance by guest starring in the series Vega$ in 1981, together with Robert Urich. She continued to be cast in TV series and films like Shooting Stars (1983, cast as Jenny O'Keefe), Fantasy Island (1983), The Love Boat (1984), TJ Hooker (1984), Death of a Cheerleader (1984) and Hotel (1985 and 1987), the last of which earned her a Young Artist Award. She also had stints in The Three Kings (1987) and Monsters (1989).

Tori's big breakthrough came after playing the bit role of Jamie in the 1989 movie, Troop Beverly Hills. The film was brought onto the small screen in 1990, titled Beverly Hills 91210. In this admired teen series, Tori won the lead role of Donna Marie Martin, a role that raised arguments since his father was the producer of the series. She played the character of Donna from 1990 to 2000.

While working for Beverly Hills 90210, Tori guest starred in several TV shows, notably in Tiffani-Amber Thiessen's Saved By The Bell (1990, nominated Young Artist Award), Melrose Place (1992), Parker Lewis Can't Lose (1992), Blossom (1993) and Burke's Law (1994) as well as Malibu Shores (1996). She also played small parts in such TV movies as A Friend to Die For (1994, a.k.a. Death of Cheerleader), Awake to Murder (1995), Mother May I Sleep With Danger? (1996), Deadly Pursuits (1996), Co-ed Call Girl (1996) and The Alibi (1997).

After a string of small screen works, Tori eventually delved into the big screen, debuting with the 1997 film The House of Yes, Scream 2 (1997) and gained rave critics playing Katherine in Trick (1999).

Next, she played cameo roles in Scary Movie 2 (2001) and Sol Goode (2001). In 2003, Tori went back to TV, working in the film A Carol Christmas and the series So Downtown, as well as performing on the Los Angeles' stage production, Maybe, Baby It's You. In the next year, she portrayed the small role of Stephanie in the movie 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (2004).

As for upcoming work, Tori is scheduled to play tricky wife Charlie in the TV comedy, The Family Plan. Commenting on her latest series, she said, "It's like an old-fashioned 1950s movie plot with Doris Day and Rock Hudson."


  • Young Artist: Best Young Actress Guest-Starring in a Television Series, Saved By The Bell, 1991
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