Tamara Feldman
Birth Date:
Birth Place:
Wichita, Kansas, USA
Famous for:
Her appearance in 2007 psychological thriller Perfect Stranger
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“I would say that the biggest inspiration would be Adam Green. 'Hatchet' has been 'dead' so many times. We've been told it was coming out, then it wasn't coming out. It was going to go straight to video, then it wasn't even going to video. Then it was dropped, then it would come back. All through it, the only reason 'Hatchet' is going to do anything is because Adam won't take no for an answer. He'll do it himself. He's so grassroots and I think that's the biggest thing is to not sit around and wait for someone to hand something to you. You've got to just go after it and make it happen and be fearless. Like when I auditioned and he said do it in ten seconds or less. You just dive in and just do it!” Tamara Feldman

American television and film actress Tamara Feldman is known for playing roles in the award winning movie “Hatchet” (2006, directed by Adam Green) and the psychological thriller “Perfect Stranger” (2007, opposite Bruce Willis). She has guest starred in a number of TV series like “Smallville,” “CSI: NY,” “Boston Legal,” “Monk,” “Supernatural” and “Gossip Girl,” and also played Natalie Kimpton in five episodes of “Dirty Sexy Money” (2007). The attractive actress also appeared in commercials for Levis and Nokia.

Feldman's more recent and upcoming film projects include “Something's Wrong in Kansas” (2008), “Rez Bomb” (2008), “Echelon Conspiracy” (2009) and “A Woman Called Job.”

In 2006, Feldman reportedly dated her “Perfect Stranger” costar Bruce Willis.

Fan of Hemingway

Childhood and Family:

Tamara Feldman was born in Wichita, Kansas. Her mother is Mexican and Cherokee. Growing up, she became smitten with celebrities like Richard Greico and Brad Pit.

Tamara is an avid reader. Among her favorites books are Antoine de Saint Exupery's “The Little Prince,” Ernest Hemingway's “The Old Man and The Sea” and Tom Robbins' “Still Life with a Woodpecker.” She also enjoys watching her favorite movies, which includes “The Girl on the Bridge,” “I Heart Huckabees” and “Breakfast at Tiffany's.”

Dirty Sexy Money


“Looking back, I knew I wanted to act. I don't think I ever knew it was an option for me though until much later. I was living in San Francisco and I took an acting class for fun. My teacher, Matt Shelton, told me that he thought I was really good and should move to LA as soon as possible. All I needed was that little push. He was really sweet. I moved down and his sister and her husband helped me out with a couple meetings and eventually I just found my own way.” Tamara Feldman

Tamara Feldman made her television debut as Kyla Willowbrook in a 2002 episode of “Smallville” called “Skinwalker.” She resurfaced two years later with guest spots in “Like Family” and “Jake 2.0” and with an important role in the short film “Geldersma,” which was directed and written by actor/producer Joseph McKelheer.

Following a guest appearance on the CBS popular show “CSI: NY,” Feldman made her TV movie debut in Touchstone Television's “Romy and Michele: In the Beginning” (2005), a comedy set in 1987 starring Katherine Heigl and Alexandra Breckenridge. She then had a recurring role on the David E. Kelley-created series “Boston Legal” (2005).

Feldman was cast as Marybeth in director Adam Green’s “Hatchet,” which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 27, 2006. The horror film won three Audience Awards, including one for Best Picture, and two Jury Prizes at the 2006 Austin Fantastic Fest. It also won an Audience Choice Best European/North - South American Film award at the 2007 Fant-Asia Film Festival. She then made guest appearances in the Tony Shalhoub successful TV series “Monk” (2006) and “Supernatural” (also 2006), in which she memorably portrayed Angela Mason. Talking about her character in the latter series, she said, “She was not malicious. I just think she was dealing with a lot of hurt and didn't know how to deal with it. Of course when you're dead, your morals are probably not what they should be! My guess is that if your feelings are strong enough at the time of death, they can linger around after.”

Feldman's cinematic career again earned a boost when she landed the role of Bethany in the Revolution Studios-produced “Perfect Stranger” (2007), starring heavyweights Bruce Willis, Halle Berry and Giovanni Ribisi. She was then seen on the small screen in the recurring role of Natalie Kimpton on the first season of the Emmy-nominated drama series “Dirty Sexy Money,” starring Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland and William Baldwin. She appeared in episodes titled “The Lions,” “The Italian Banker,” “The Chiavennasca,” “The Bridge” and “The Wedding.”

In 2008, Feldman joined Andrea Bogart, Jenna Lamia, Bre Blair and Brittany Eldridge to star in the thriller “Something's Wrong in Kansas,” where she was cast as a character named Sabrina. She also starred in “Rez Bomb,” a romantic thriller directed and written by Steven Lewis Simpson. She then played Angela Davies in the 15-minute drama “The Nature of Space & Time” (2008). On the small screen, the actress portrayed Poppy Lifton in a single episode of “Gossip Girl” titled “The Serena Also Rises.”

Recently, the fan of Casey Affleck and Audrey Hepburn completed filming “Echelon Conspiracy” (2009), an action film from director Greg Marcks. The film stars Shane West, Edward Burns and Martin Sheen. She will also have a starring role in the upcoming drama “A Woman Called Job,” opposite Adam Garcia. The film is directed by Kurt Burk and co-scripted by Burk and W. Watts Biggers.


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