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Stacy Keibler 'Expecting First Child' With New Husband Jared Pobre
Their sudden marriage stunned everyone, including their family, but could that be because Stacy Keibler and her new hubby are expecting a baby?Reports have claimed that the former wrestler, who got hi...
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Stacy Keibler Secret Marriage Cures Post-Clooney Blues
SP_COP - March 11, 2014 -
Stacy Keibler shocked everyone by actually marrying Jared Pobre ... aka the first guy she hooked up with after George Clooney -- so, maybe the Cloons' magic stick isn't as magical as we thought?Nah, t...
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Has Clooney gone back to his bikini beauty? Actor 'rekindles romance' with Monika Jakisic after split from former wrestler Stacey Keiber
SP_COP - October 05, 2013 -
When you’ve dated as many women as George Clooney, perhaps a little repetition is inevitable.The actor has reportedly rekindled his romance with old flame Monika Jakisic.The 52-year-old actor and the...