Scott Mechlowicz
Birth Date:
January 17, 1981
Birth Place:
New York City, New York, USA
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Peaceful Warrior


Scott began acting in 2003 with a bit part in the indie flick Neverland. He continued to act by securing major roles in Eurotrip (2004) and Mean Creek (2004). Recently, the 6' actor portrayed real-life gymnast turned-author Dan Millman in the biopic Peaceful Warrior, which had its wide release on March 30, 2007.

Big Apple-Born

Childhood and Family:

Born in New York City, on January 17, 1981, Scott David Mechlowicz was raised in Texas, where he attended Plano Senior High School. He then moved to Los Angeles to study at the University of California, in Los Angeles and graduated in 2003, with honors from the Conservatory Acting Program.

Mean Creek


Graduating from UCLA with honors from the Conservatory Acting Program, Scott Mechlowicz quickly landed his feature role debut in writer-director Damion Dietz' independent fantasy-drama film, Neverland (2003; starring Rick Sparks). The following year, TV viewers saw him guest starring in an episode of Fox's critically-acclaimed medical drama "House M.D."

Scott was then cast opposite Rory Culkin, Ryan Kelley, Trevor Morgan, Josh Peck and Carly Schroeder in writer-director Jacob Aaron Estes' indie flick Mean Creek (2004), playing Marty, an angry, violent and reluctant teenage who seeks vengeance after his friend is bullied. The film was released to wide critical praise, winning Scott and the ensemble cast an Independent Spirit Award.

That same year, Scott also nabbed his first lead role in a feature film in Jeff Schaffer's teen romantic comedy movie Eurotrip (also featuring Jacob Pitts, Matt Damon and Michelle Trachtenberg). Meanwhile, Scott was also featured in Gavin DeGraw's music video for the hit single "I Don't Want to Be."

2006 saw Scott play another lead role, this time as Dan Millman, the talented but arrogant college gymnast with good looks, good grades and plenty of money, in Victor Salva's Peaceful Warrior. The film, based on Millman's famous fictionalized autobiography "Way of the Peaceful Warrior," had its wide release on March 30, 2007. Before the filming, Scott, who had a meeting with Dan Millman to figure out how to approach the role, recalled, We actually had a little meeting before we started shooting. I just wanted to get a sense of who he was and a grasp of his physicalities. I really wanted to get some subtleties. He had told me that he just wanted me to make the character my own and do with it what I will, and not necessarily emulate him per se. That opened the door and allowed me some great freedom in making it my own.

Millman later added, Hes Scott playing Dan, but its about all of our humanity. If the story was just about me, I dont know why anybody would want to see it. Its about all of us in a way, the common humanity. If Scott did the script and the script was about the book, he would be certainly doing justice to the character that was in the book.

In March 2007, Scotts latest film, the drama/thriller Gone, was released in the UK. In Ringan Ledwidges directorial debut, Scott co-stars with Amelia Warner and Shaun Evans. He explained, Its called Gone. It started as Lonely Planet and then Middle of Nowhere and then Gone, and Im sure it will change a few more times (laughing). No, I think its staying as Gone. Its coming out later this year. I play sort of a drifter traveling through Australia. I meet up with this couple. I have some sinister motivations and chaos ensues.


  • Independent Spirit: Special Distinction Award, Mean Creek, 2005 (shared with the show's ensemble cast)
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