Sabrina Lloyd
Birth Date:
November 20, 1970
Birth Place:
Fairfax, Virginia, USA
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Sliders Girl


First appearing on television as a guest in an episode of the TV series "Superboy" and "Law & Order," Sabrina Lloyd would be familiar among TV viewers as Wade Kathleen Welles (1995-1999), the best friend of Jerry O'Connell's Quinn Mallory, on the Fox sci-fi series "Sliders," as senior associate producer Natalie Hurley on ABC sitcom "Sports Night" (1998-2000), as Frankie Hector (2003) on NBC comedy "Ed," and as Terry Lake (2005), a forensic psychologist who often acted as a profiler for Don Eppes' (played by Rob Morrow) FBI team, on CBS crime/cop drama "Numb3rs."

Meanwhile, the enigmatic yet appealing 5' 4" brown haired/eyed actress, who made her big screen debut alongside Malcolm McDowell and Linda Fiorentino in ''Chain of Desire'' (1992), has appeared in the such films as "Father Hood" (1993), "Wanderlust" (2001), "Dopamine" (2003), "Melinda and Melinda" (2004), and "The Girl from Monday" (2005). She will next be seen in an upcoming film titled "Universal Signs" (2007).

Virginia-Born, Florida-Raised

Childhood and Family:

Born in Fairfax, Virginia, on November 20, 1970, Sabrina Lloyd later spent her childhood in Eustis, Florida. She began acting at age 12 in a Mount Dora production of ''Annie,'' and at age 15, she was accepted as a student exchange program which allowed her to spend a year studying drama at the Brisbane Royal Theater Company. Sabrina went on to perform exclusively in theater until she was 18, when she decided to move to New York to pursue a film career.

Besides acting, Sabrina also has a fine singing voice. She writes and records original music with her guitar. She has been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for 6 years and currently resides in New York alongside her two cats, Lucy and Theodore.

Sports Night


Starting acting at age 12 as Pepper in community theater Mount Dora, Florida production of ''Annie,'' Sabrina Lloyd was accepted as a student exchange program at age 15 to study drama for a year at the Brisbane Royal Theater Company. Meanwhile, she also played Green Bean in the Young People's Theater's production of "Beans" (1985) in Eustis, Florida.

Returning from Brisbane, Sabrina went on to perform exclusively in local theater such as the Baystreet Players in Eustis, and the Ice House Theater in Mt. Dora, appearing in productions of ''Grease,'' ''Crimes of the Heart'' and ''Wizard of Oz.'' At age 18, Sabrina decided to move to New York to pursue a film career.

In the new destination, Sabrina landed her TV debut as a guest in a November 1988 episode of the fantasy/sci-fi series based on the DC Comics, "Superboy." Four years later, she got her first break when she was spotted as a guest in an April 1992 episode of NBC cop/legal drama series "Law & Order," which earned her a new agent and launched her career.

That same year, Sabrina made her feature debut in "Chain of Desire" (1992), starring Malcolm McDowell and Linda Fiorentino. In the romantic drama written and directed by Temístocles López, Sabrina played a tiny part as Holly Marie Combs' friend Melissa in gallery.

Sabrina followed it up with a small role in Craig Bolotin's coming-of-age romantic drama "That Night" (1992; starring C. Thomas Howell, Juliette Lewis and Eliza Dushku), based on the novel One Hot Summer by Alice McDermott. In the next year, she snagged her first starring role in Darrell Roodt's comedy film, "Father Hood" (1993; also featuring Halle Berry), as Kelly Charles, the teenage daughter of Patrick Swayze's jailbird lead character.

Afterwards, Sabrina appeared on CBS Schoolbreak Special's "Love Off Limits" (1993). She also starred in the music video "Untied" by indie-rock band Superchunk and in the 1993 music video for the song "Iris" by The Breeders.

She then co-starred with Parker Posey in Hal Hartley's 3-minute film, "Iris" (1994), which was included in the "No Alternative" compilation video and the sales of which went to AIDS research. Additionally, she starred as the title role in "More Than Friends: The Coming Out of Heidi Leiter," an episode of the true story-based "Lifestories: Families in Crisis."

From 1995 to 1999, Sabrina played the role of Wade Kathleen Welles, the best friend of Jerry O'Connell's Quinn Mallory (she also had a crush on him), on the Fox sci-fi series "Sliders." Meanwhile, she joined Robert Guillaume, Felicity Huffman, Peter Krause and Josh Charles to star in the sitcom about a fictional sports news show and the people who worked there, "Sports Night," in which she played senior associate producer Natalie Hurley. Along with the show's cast members, Sabrina was nominated a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. Created by Aaron Sorkin, the half-hour prime time comedy-drama aired on ABC for two seasons, from 1998 to 2000.

After "Sports Night," Sabrina appeared in the pilot episode of Irish comedy TV series starring Gabriel Byrne, "Madigan Men" (2000). She then returned to the big screen and could be seen in Karl Slovin's ice skating comedy movie, "On Edge" (2001; with Jason Alexander and John Glover), and director James Keitel's low-budget feature debut, "Wanderlust" (2001; alongside Tracy Fraim, Ria Pavia and Kelly Ciscone). In the following year, she starred with Ever Carradine in an unsold TV series pilot titled "Couples" (2002).

In 2003, Sabrina played the female lead in writer/director Mark Decena's romantic drama comedy film, "Dopamine," as Sarah McCaulley, the teacher Jonathan Livingston's computer animator character was inexplicably drawn to. She then retreated again to the small screen and played Frankie Hector (2003) on almost a dozen episode of NBC comedy/drama starring Tom Cavanagh, "Ed."

2004 saw Sabrina starred with Selma Blair in an unsold romantic drama TV series "DeMarco Affairs" and played the female lead in the made-for-television movie "My Sexiest Mistake," which was based on the novel by Kristin Hardy. She was also cast in Vincent Rubino's romantic comedy film starring Joseph Lyle Taylor and Paula Devicq, "The Breakup Artist," and had an uncredited role in writer/director Woody Allen's drama/comedy film starring Radha Mitchell, "Melinda and Melinda." Additionally, she starred in Nina Tsai's 13-minute film, "Something for Henry," and reteamed with Parker Posey in Hal Hartley's 17-minute film, "The Sisters of Mercy," which she also co-wrote.

Sabrina played Terry Lake, a forensic psychologist who often acted as a profiler for Don Eppes' (played by Rob Morrow) FBI team, during the first season (2005) of CBS crime/police procedural drama series "Numb3rs." Her character was reassigned to Washington, D.C., in an attempt to patch up her relationship with her ex-husband, but she did not return for the second season.

During her "Numb3rs" stint, Sabrina co-starred with Tatiana Abracos and Bill Sage in writer/director Hal Hartley's comic drama film, "The Girl from Monday." In the film that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Sabrina portrayed Cecile, the girl Bill Sage's character failed to hooked up with. She also co-starred with Eron Otcasek and newcomer Alissia Miller in writer/director Catherine Cahn's comedy movie, "Charlie's Party."

Sabrina was recently seen alongside T.R. Knight and Danny Aiello in "The Last Request" (2006), a comedy written and directed by John DeBellis, and with Melissa Leo, Jason Downs and David Strathairn in "Racing Daylight" (2007), a drama film written and directed by Nicole Quinn.

She is currently working on her upcoming film project, "Universal Signs," a drama by writer/director Ann Calamia.


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