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Rainn Wilson Profile
"I would describe my look as lantern-jawed, rugged, and chiseled... Oh, wait - that's Mark Harmon. I'm gangly and freaki..
Rain Pryor Profile
“Just because I'm a Pryor doesn't mean that I'm a standup comedian. I'm funny, but I'm not a standup by any means. I s..
Ralf Moeller Profile
Competitive bodybuilder-turned-actor Ralf Moeller is probably best remembered as Conan on the hit television series “C..
Ralph Fiennes Profile
"I veer away from trying to understand why I act. I just know I need to do it." Ralph Fiennes Two-time Academy Aw..
Ramola Garai Profile
British actress of Hungarian descent Romola Garai received a Golden Globe nomination for her starring turn in the BBC adapta..
Ramon Estevez Profile
Ramon Estevez, sometimes credited as Ramon Sheen, is the son of Martin Sheen and the brothers of Emilio Estevez (older) and C..
Rance Howard Profile
Prolific actor Rance Howard has amassed over 200 credits under his belt since kicking off his professional career in 1956. He..
Randall Wallace Profile
American screenwriter, director and producer Randall Wallace is best known for writing the screenplay for the multiple Osca..
Randy Couture Profile
“I love the training, love the competition, and I still feel like I'm progressing and getting better as a fighter.&rdq..
Randy Jackson Profile
Musician, Producer
"You get a shot at bat when you win American Idol. You've won the competition. You've got the prize. Now you've got to..
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