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Rachel Melvin Profile
Staring out in episodes of TV shows in 2004, American actress Rachel Melvin came to fame playing bad girl Chelsea Brady on t..
Rachel Miner Profile
A third generation of Miners in show business, Rachel Miner has began acting at the age of 10, playing the young version of..
Rachel Nichols Profile
"It sounds so cheesy, I know. But the way a man smells is really important. It must be something about the pheromones...
Rachel Perry Profile
Canadian television and radio personality, actress and model Rachel Perry is popular as the host of “All Access”..
Rachel Riley Profile
English television presenter Rachel Riley is best known for co-presenting “Countdown” (2009-?) on Channel 4 and..
Rachel Roberts Profile
Actress, Model
“I think it gets more press for me in the long run. Introducing a new actress is pretty commonly seen in the press, bu..
Rachel Shelley Profile
British actress Rachel Shelley first came to the attention of American audiences playing Elizabeth Russell in the Oscar nomi..
Rachel Starr Profile
Rachel Starr is an American pornographic actress and adult model. She was nominated for the AVN Award for Best Group Sex Sce..
Rachel Sterling Profile
Actress, Model
First arriving in Hollywood as a lingerie model in 2000, Rachel Sterling has made quite successful transformation into actin..
Rachel Stevens Profile
actress, musician
"I want to put pop music back on the map." Rachel Stevens British pop singer Rachel Stevens rose to eminence as a member of..
Rachel Ticotin Profile
"I'm more interested in my life than I am in my career. I don't want to not work. I do enjoy working, but not to the poi..
Rachel True Profile
"Sometimes I wonder why I'm not working at McDonalds and how come I have the life I have. I don't know. But I'm happy th..
Rachel Ward Profile
First earning recognition through her Golden Globe-nominated performance as a prostitute in Sharky’s Machine (1981), Britis..
Rachel Weisz Profile
"People find out I'm an actress and I see that 'whore' look flicker across their eyes." Rachel Weisz British actr..
Rachel Williams Profile
Model, Presenter
Rachel Williams is an American model, television presenter, and landscape designer. The blonde beauty has appeared in televi..
Rachel Zoe Profile
fashion stylist
“It has to be the big picture for me. A lot of people saw this job as you put them in a dress and that's all. I didn't..
Radha Mitchell Profile
“I went through a phase of not wanting to watch any movies at all, and lately give got back into watching films, I think be..
Rae Dawn Chong Profile
Canadian-born actress Rae Dawn Chong was seen on the small screen at age 12 on the popular 1974 sitcom “The Whiz Kid an..
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