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R. Kelly Profile
"I want America to know that you can't believe everything you hear, and nowadays, you can't believe everything you see." R...
Rachael Harris Profile
“Right off the bat I’d say Madeleine Kahn because I adore her. I love Teri Garr because she is so honest. I real..
Rachael Leigh Cook Profile
"I'm not small, I'm space-efficient." Rachael Leigh Cook 5' 2 inches tall American actress Rachael Leigh Cook rece..
Rachael Ray Profile
“You do it with your own two hands, so there's a sense of pride. You really do forget all our problems, because you're..
Rachael Stirling Profile
British actress Rachael Stirling, the daughter of actress Diana Rigg, is celebrated for her performance as Nan Astley in &ldq..
Rachael Taylor Profile
“I always just loved the escapism of cinema and I didn't understand that it was something that you could actually do...
Rachel Bilson Profile
Actress, Model
"It's great playing someone who is not like me at all. I'm really a nice girl, so it's fun to be a bitch, then come hom..
Rachel Blanchard Profile
“I have dreams, and sometimes you wonder how far you’ll go for those dreams, especially when the boundaries of work are very..
Rachel Covey Profile
American child actress Rachel Covey won a Young Artist nomination for her portrayal of Patrick Dempsey's daughter, Morgan, o..
Rachel Dratch Profile
Actress, Writer, Producer, Comedian
Rachel Dratch was widely recognized as a cast member of the NBC classic late night live sketch comedy show, “Saturday..
Rachel G. Fox Profile
Actress, Singer
American actress and singer Rachel G. Fox is probably best known for portraying Kayla Huntington on the ABC television serie..
Rachel Grant Profile
Philippines-born actress and model Rachel Grant is best remembered as Bond Girl “Peaceful Fountains of Desire,” James Bond's..
Rachel Griffiths Profile
actress, director, writer, producer
“I think drama on commercial television is toothpaste delivery devises, you know or insurance delivery devises, and I think..
Rachel Hunter Profile
actress, model
Beginning her modeling career at age 17, Rachel Hunter, ex wife of former rock star Rod Stewart, reached the position of a t..
Rachel Hurd-Wood Profile
"It's like a dream. One minute I am walking across the playground to maths and next, I'm flying to Hollywood to meet th..
Rachel McAdams Profile
Canadian born actress Rachel McAdams had her breakthrough moment after portraying Ryan Gosling's love interest, Allie, in th..
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