Pablo Montero
Birth Date:
August 23, 1974
Birth Place:
César Lambretón, Mexico
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Where Are You, My Heart?


Mexican singer Pablo Montero, who is known to his fans for wearing charro hats and black clothing during his concerts, began his career as a vocalist in a band before becoming a successful soloist thanks to his debut album “Donde Estás, Corazón” (“Where Are You, My Heart,” 1999), which skyrocketed to No. 1 on the Mexico Albums chart. He has since released eight more studio albums and one compilation album, “Entrega Total...Los Éxitos” (2005). Popular singles include “Que Voy A Hacer Sin Ti” (“What Am I Going To Do Without You,” #1), “Hay Otra en tu Lugar” (“There's Another One in Your Place,” #1) and “Gata Salvaje,” which he composed for the soap opera of the same title. Montero also contributed music to various TV shows, including “La revancha,” “Olvidarte jamás,” “Abrázame muy fuerte,” “Duelo de pasiones” and the controversial film “El Crimen del Padre Amaro” (“The Crime of Padre Amaro,” 2002), which was directed by Carlos Carrera and starred Gael García Bernal. Following his first album's success, Montero pursued a promising second career as an actor and has appeared in the soap operas “Vivo por Elena,” “Nunca te olvidaré,” “Abrázame muy fuerte,” “Rebeca,” “Duelo de pasiones” and “Fuego en la sangre.”

In August 2007, Montero and a passenger were reportedly stopped by Miami police after his car went through a red light. The police found a clear bag that tested positive for cocaine in his car that Montero affirmed was his. He was found guilty in court, but pleaded not guilty to cocaine ownership. As a result, he was sentenced to probation, pending completion of a drug court program. In 2008, he was put back behind bars for violating his probation terms, but released after he agreed to finish a drug rehabilitation program. He eventually completed his drug treatment in February 2009.

Montero and his wife, Sandra Vidal, have one child together (son Pablo; born in 2007). In 2006, he was involved in an affair with actress Ludwika Paleta, his costar in “Duelo de pasiones,” who is married to Mexican actor Plutarco Haza. Although they strongly denied the romance, the affair was later revealed after a video was made public where they were spotted making-out.


Childhood and Family:

Óscar Daniel Hernández Rodríguez, who would later be popular as Pablo Montero, was born on August 23, 1974, in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. His nicknames are Colomo and Tosco and he is married to a woman named Sandra Vidal. The couple has a son named Pablo, who was born on September 28, 2007.

There's Another One in Your Place


Pablo Montero launched his professional singing career as a teenager when he sang for a band called Trébol. He recorded an album with the band and enjoyed a No. 1 hit with the song “Si tu Supieras,” (“If You Knew”) which would later be covered by Alejandro Fernandez for the soap opera “Maria Isabel.” Montero, however, soon left the band and tried his hand as a soloist. As a struggling artist, he landed gigs in local bars and clubs before eventually scoring a record deal in the late 1990s.

Montero's debut album, “Donde Estás, Corazón” (“Where Are You, My Heart”), hit the music stores in 1999. It proved to be a breakthrough success for the singer when the record rose to the top spot on the Mexico Albums chart. The victory of the album also opened up the opportunity of an acting career and he soon appeared in the soaps “Vivo Por Elena” (“I Live for Elena”), where he played Luis Pablo, and the based on novel “Nunca Te Olvidaré” (“I Will Never Forget You”), as Álvaro Cordero.

By 2000, Montero had moved to a starring role in the popular Latin soap opera “Abrázame Muy Fuerte” (“Embrace Me Tightly”), where he portrayed José María Montes. He also returned to music and released the studio album “Que Voy A Hacer Sin Ti” (“What am I Going to do Without You”), which spawned the No. 1 hit single of the same name.

Montero's popularity in the U.S. rose in 2001 when he was invited to the White House for the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. His third album, “Pídemelo Todo” (“Ask Me for Everything”) was released the following year. It gave the singer his next No.1 hit single with “Hay Otra en tu Lugar” (“There's Another One in Your Place”). The album also included the theme song “Gata Salvaje” for the soap opera of the same title. The song went to the top 10 on Mexico's charts.

In 2003, after a role in “Entre el amor y el odio” (2002), Montero played Martín García in “Rebeca,” which starred Mariana Seoane as Rebeca Linares. Montero then toured extensively throughout 2003 while preparing a tribute album to legendary Mexican singer Javier Solis. Named “Gracias...Homenaje A Javier Solís,” the record was launched in the spring of 2003 and was well received nationally.

Despite the achievements, Montero made headlines in 2003 with a scandal involving his employees. Reportedly refusing to pay his workers and then firing them when they requested payment, he was later forced to pay them a settlement after he lost the lawsuit.

In 2004, Montero released a new album called “Con La Bendición De Dios.” He then signed with Univision Records and released the album “A Toda Ley” in 2005, his first album with his new record label. 2005 also saw Montero in an advertisement campaign by the clothing company Hanes. He appeared with Aracely Arámbula for the Spanish language ad. The campaign was also made in an English version featuring celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Matthew Perry, Michael Jordan, Marisa Tomei and Damon Wayans.

Montero released the album “Que Bonita Es Mi Tierra” in 2006. The same year, he also acted in the soap operas “La hija del mariachi” and “Duelo de pasiones” (as Emilio Valtierra, aired with Univision during 2007), his first acting jobs in three years. He costarred with Ludwika Paleta in the latter, whom he also had an affair with. He next played Cantante in “Yo amo a Juan Querendón” (2007), opposite Yolanda Ventura. The album “Mi Tesoro Norteño” hit the music shelves in 2007.

Despite his involvement in a drug scandal in 2007, which later led him to be jailed in 2008, Montero released an album in 2008 titled “Piquito De Oro: Mi Tesoro Norteño.” The same year, he also joined the cast of the Mexican soap “Fuego en la sangre” as Franco Reyes. His costars included Adela Noriega, Adela Noriega, Jorge Salinas, María Sorté, Diana Bracho and Nora Salinas, among others.


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