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Pauletta Pearson Profile
Pauletta Pearson, also known as Pauletta Washington and Pauletta Pearson Washington, is perhaps best known as the wife of ac..
Pauley Perrette Profile
Actress Pauley Perrette, also credited as Pauley P., is famous for her portrayal of forensic specialist Abby Sciuto on the C..
Paul Giamatti Profile
"Well, you know, when people say stuff about you, it's always really flattering. But does it mean anything to me? It's..
Paul Gleason Profile
“I went into acting because I had nothing more sensible to do. However, once I began acting classes with Lee Strasberg..
Paul Greengrass Profile
Specializing in dramatizations of real life events, Academy Award nominated British film director and screenwriter Paul Gree..
Paul Haggis Profile
"As artists, we have to be brave. If we aren't brave, we aren't artists." Paul Haggis Academy Award winning Canadia..
Paul Hogan Profile
For many, Paul Hogan is identified with his signature role of Michael J. ‘Crocodile’ Dundee, who appeared on screen for the..
Paulina Rubio Profile
actress, musician
"I want to cross borders with my music, with all my feelings and ideas. I want to reach more people." Paulina Rubio..
Paul Johansson Profile
Actor, director and writer Paul Johansson is best known for his portrayal of Dan Scott on the WB/CW hit series “One Tr..
Paul Junger Witt Profile
Television producer Paul Junger Witt is known for his prospering partnership with Tony Thomas and writer/producer Susan Harr..
Paul Leyden Profile
Australian actor Paul Leyden is perhaps best known for portraying Simon Frasier on the daytime soap opera “As the Worl..
Paul Mazursky Profile
Academy Award nominated American film director, screenwriter, producer and actor Paul Mazursky got his start in show busines..
Paul McCartney Profile
composer, musician, producer, song writer
Paul McCrane Profile
''I love film. I really enjoy it. I like working in it. I love making money. I'm grateful for TV too and I've had a lot of f..
Paul Michael Glaser Profile
“Being a celebrity forces me to get in touch and stay in touch or at least try to more than I ever did before so you d..
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