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Patrick Muldoon Profile
"Any time you can make a living doing something artistic, you're very fortunate. There's no finish line. As an actor, yo..
Patrick O'Brien Demsey Profile
Patrick O'Brien Demsey is an American actor. He made his feature film acting debut in “Miracle” (2004), whe..
Patrick Schwarzenegger Profile
“If an opportunity arises, then I won’t use school as an excuse not to work”. Patrick Schwarzenegger Patrick Schwarzenegge..
Patrick Stewart Profile
actor, producer, director
British stage and screen actor Patrick Stewart is widely known as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the leader of the space ship Ent..
Patrick Swayze Profile
actor, producer, former dancer
Hailed from Houston, Texas, where he was born and raised, actor Patrick Swayze got his start as a dancer before finally tak..
Patrick Warburton Profile
"I've got four kids so I love doing animated stuff that turns out well and that they enjoy. I know that it’s a gre..
Patrick Wilson Profile
actor, singer
"I would never 'abandon' Broadway. I do want to expand my horizons and do more film work, but I'm interested in good r..
Patrika Darbo Profile
A stage-trained actress, Patrika Darbo had numerous theatrical successes in Los Angeles before breaking into film and TV. She..
Pat Smear Profile
Guitarist Pat Smear, born George Albert Ruthenberg, began his career in 1977 with the Los Angeles punk rock group The Germs,..
Patsy Kensit Profile
British actress and singer Patsy Kensit broke into show business as a child with work in such films as “The Great Gats..
Patti LaBelle Profile
"I truly respect the people who are working. If they want an autograph from Patti LaBelle, they are going to get it. I h..
Patti Smith Profile
Musician, Poet, Singer
"Writing has always been the most important form of expression to me to create space for others. I think that is an ar..
Patty Duke Profile
Actress Patty Duke achieved stardom as a child thanks to her Academy Award wining portrayal of Helen Keller in the film adap..
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