Octavia Spencer
Birth Date:
May 25, 1972
Birth Place:
Montgomery, Alabama, USA
5' 2" (1.57 m)
Red Band Society is fall's most emotionally manipulative show
SP_COP - September 18, 2014 -
What’s the name of the show? Red Band SocietyWhen does it premiere? Wednesday, September 17, at 9pm ET on Fox. The pilot episode is available for streaming on is this show? There’s a grou...
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'The Help' Star Octavia Spencer Joins 'Divergent' Sequel
As with most Young Adult fiction novels, Veronica Roth’s DIVERGENT series is being adapted into a four-parter, similar to both the TWILIGHT and THE HUNGER GAMES franchises. With the story expanding, n...
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Octavia Spencer Shocks Julia Roberts & Thompson With Murder, She Wrote News
SP_COP - November 27, 2013 -
Octavia Spencer left acting royalty Julia Roberts and Emma Thompson stunned when she revealed plans to revive one of their favourite Tv shows Murder, She Wrote during a recent round table interview.Th...
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