Olivia Williams Profile
Starting out on stage as a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, British actress Olivia Williams caught the attention of..
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Film director and screenwriter Olivier Ducastel is best known for his collaboration with partner Jacques Martineau. They ear..
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French actor, director and writer Olivier Marchal is best known as the director and co-writer of the French film “Depa..
Olivier Martinez Profile
If you compare me to an actor, Im probably one of the best boxers in the profession. But if you compare me as a boxer, I..
Ol Parker Profile
Ol Parker is British writer and director. He began writing for television such as episodes of “Grange Hill” (1994..
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Academy Award-winning American actress Olympia Dukakis, a founding member of the Charles Playhouse in Boston and The Whole T..
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The younger brother of Academy Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding, Jr. and the son of "The Main Ingredient" lead sing..
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“You could live it up and be successful, but it wouldn't mean anything without love and friends. I could go broke and..
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Political consultant turned reality television star Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth rose to prominence as undisputed villainess..
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“I want to live every moment totally and intensely. Even when I'm giving an interview or talking to people, that's all..
Oprah Winfrey Profile
Producer, Actress, Soundtrack, Taklshow host, Author
All my life I have always known I was born to greatness. Oprah Winfrey One of the new pop culture icons according to a s..
Orlando Bloom Profile
Actor, Producer
"Basically, I can say I'm acting because of the women." Women worldwide are thrilled Orlando Bloom feels this way. 5' 11", b..
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"Someone I met years ago explained to me the difference between a personality and an actor, a personality being Eddie Murphy..
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Italian actress Ornella Muti has starred in films since the age of 15. Debuting as the title role in "La moglie piu bel..