Nikki Reed
Birth Date:
January 17, 1988
Birth Place:
West Los Angeles, California, USA
5' 7''
Famous for:
Her role as Evie Zamora in 'Thirteen' (2003)
Actress, Producer, Writer
Palms Middle School, Los Angeles, California
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"I had hoped that girls all over the world would relate to 'Thirteen' (2003), but I had no idea that girls I was sitting next to went through the same things I did." Nikki Reed

At the age of 14, Nikki Reed made an impressive Hollywood debut while co-starring as Evie Zamora, opposite fellow newcomer Evan Rachel Wood and Oscar-winner Holly Hunter, in the award-winning coming-of-age drama, “Thirteen” (2003), which she also co-wrote with first-time director Catherine Hardwicke.

She has since starred in such films as "Lords of Dogtown" (2005), "American Gun" (2005), "Mini's First Time" (2006) and "Cherry Crush" (2007) and guest-starred in a 2006 episode of FOX's legal-themed series "Justice." She joined the cast of the FOX teen drama "The O.C." in a recurring role of Sadie Campbell in 2006.

Next, the 5' 7½'' budding actress will star in the upcoming films "Familiar Strangers," "Privileged," "Chain Letter," and Hardwicke's upcoming film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling young adult vampire novel, "Twilight," in which she will portray Rosalie Hale, a beautiful vampire who is also a member of the Cullen family.

“People tend to get nervous when they're working with first time writer-directors because we've all had our share of bad experiences when you work with someone who is too close to the material and can't really pull themselves away.” Nikki Reed

Rebellious Nik

Childhood and Family:

“I think my mother is my biggest influence. There are so many things I hate about her but at the same time, I’m thankful for her. All I know is that when I’m a parent I want to be just like my mom. I can talk to my mom more than any of my friends could talk to their parents.” Nikki Reed

In West Los Angeles, California, Nicole Elizabeth Reed was born on January 17, 1988. Her father, Seth Reed, is an architect-turned-art director of Jewish heritage, while her mother, Cheryl Houston, is a hairdresser with Italian and Cherokee Native American ancestry. Nikki's parents divorced when she was just two years old and she was raised primarily in her father's Jewish religion although she primarily lived with her mother in Culver City, California, where her mother still resides. She has an older brother named Nathan August Reed, who was born on November 23, 1986.

Nikki, nicknamed “Nik,” attended Palms Middle School, in Los Angeles, California. At age 14, she moved out on her own and has noted that during this time she "grew up very fast," was "mature and responsible," as well as a "shy kid" and a "bookworm" who experimented with drugs, alcohol and sex. Catherine Hardwicke, who had dated Nikki's father for several years, later tried to find positive creative outlets for her rebellious surrogate daughter and the two began collaborating on a screenplay for Nikki's first film, “Thirteen” (2003).

Following the success of “Thirteen,” Nikki returned to high school, but dropped out again after a year because "mothers [who] were sneaking into the school at lunchtime to confront and harass me about the film." She was subsequently home-schooled and eventually received her high school diploma.

"I didn't know when I finished ‘Thirteen’ (2003) that I wanted to be an actress. I went back to high school and then I realized I missed it. I had fallen in love with being on the set." Nikki Reed

Nikki loves to go horseback-riding and is close friends with “Thirteen” co-star Evan Rachel Wood. She divides her time between New York City and Los Angeles.

Mini's First Time


A rebellious preteen, Nikki Reed found a positive creative outlet when she collaborated with her father's ex-girlfriend Catherine Hardwicke to co-write the screenplay for an autobiographical film based on Reed's experiences as a 13-year-old, "Thirteen" (2003). Written within six days, the film caused controversy upon its release.

However the film was well received and earned Reed, who also starred as Evie Zamora, the most popular and attractive girl at school who led Evan Rachel Wood's straight-A student character into a world of sex, drugs, and crime, an Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance and a Nantucket Film Festival Award for Best Feature Screenplay. That same year, she was named One to Watch – Female at the Young Hollywood Awards. Additionally, Holly Hunter, who played Wood's mother, was nominated for 2003 Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and both Hunter and Wood were nominated for Golden Globes, respectively for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress in a Drama.

After appearing in Jefery Levy's independent drama "Man of God" (2005), Reed was reunited with Hardwicke to play Tony Alva's sister Kathy in the 2005 film "Lords of Dogtown.” That same year, she appeared in Santana/Steven Tyler’s music video "Just Feel Better" and co-starred with Linda Cardellini, Tony Goldwyn, Marcia Gay Harden, Donald Sutherland, and Forest Whitaker, in the IFC project "American Gun," written and directed by Aric Avelino.

Reed then played the title role of a rebellious L.A. teenager in writer/director Nick Guthe's dark comedy, "Mini's First Time" (2006). About her character in the film, Reed explained, “Mini comes from a very troubled place. Her mother is an alcoholic and a drug addict. Basically, it's the theory of a human being raised without any sort of affection.”

She also said, “I just kind of loved the idea of playing a character that was so different than myself. It's actually the opposite. I grew up with very little money but with a mother who always over loved and was overly affectionate with my brother and I. So, I just thought that was something I could not relate to at all with where she was coming from, but it was something that I wanted to play.”

Meanwhile, TV viewers could catch Reed in an episode of FOX's legal-themed series "Justice." She then joined the cast of the FOX teen drama "The O.C.," in a recurring role of Sadie Campbell, Johnny Harper's (played by Ryan Donowho) cousin and a new love interest for Ryan Atwood (played by Benjamin McKenzie).

2007 saw Reed co-star with Jonathan Tucker in Nicholas DiBella's drama/thriller film, "Cherry Crush.”

Reed has completed her new film, "Familiar Strangers," directed by Zackary Adler in which she will co-star with Shawn Hatosy, DJ Qualls, and Tom Bower. She is currently filming "Privileged," a teen drama by Jonah Salander featuring Adam Butcher, Julian Morris, Tatyana Ali, and Brenda Strong, and "Chain Letter," a suspense horror by Deon Taylor in which she will act opposite Keith David, Brad Dourif, and Bai Ling.

She was reunited with "Thirteen" (2003) and "Lords of Dogtown" (2005) director Hardwicke in her upcoming film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling young adult vampire novel, "Twilight," where she will portray Rosalie Hale, a beautiful vampire who is also a member of the Cullen family.

“I went through what I went through too young. Emotionally, it was really hard juggling all these things I was going through.” Nikki Reed


  • Independent Spirit: Best Debut Performance, "Thirteen," 2004

  • Nantucket Film Festival: Screenwriting Award - Best Feature Screenplay, "Thirteen," 2003

  • Young Hollywood: One to Watch - Female, 2003

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