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Nigella Lawson and Trinny in war of words
SP_COP - February 11, 2014 -
Nigella Lawson and Trinny Woodall were involved in a war of words online yesterday (10.02.14).The TV chef's ex-husband Charles Saatchi is now dating fashion expert Trinny, who appeared to mock Nigella...
Nigella Lawson -- Today (2010-11-02)
SceptreX42 - 11/07/10
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Nigella Lawson -- Today (2010-11-01)
SceptreX42 - 11/06/10
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Nigella Lawson will NOT face police action after cocaine admission
SP_COP - January 28, 2014 -
TV chef Nigella Lawson will face no further police action over her admission of drug use.Nigella admitted taking cocaine in the past testimony at a fraud trial involving her personal assistants, siste...
Nigella Lawson kept a 'chaotic' house for Charles Saatchi
SP_COP - January 21, 2014 -
Amanda Eliasch, the socialite who introduced Charles Saatchi to his current girlfriend Trinny Woodall, has spoken out in defence of Nigella Lawson’s former husband. “I know him better than the story t...
Police Review Nigella Lawson Drug Admission
SP_COP - December 24, 2013 -
Police have said they are reviewing evidence after Nigella Lawson's admission in court that she had taken drugs.The 53-year-old TV cook revealed during the fraud trial of her two former personal assis...
Nigella Lawson 'will not face probe' over drug claims
SP_COP - December 21, 2013 -
TV cook Nigella Lawson will not face an investigation over claims she took cocaine, police have said.Scotland Yard said it would not look into the allegations at this stage but would review the decisi...
Nigella Lawson - Clive Arrowsmith Photoshoot - 6 HQs
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