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Yemen's President urges rebels to lay down their weapons
By SP_COP on September 30, 2015 | From
Yemen's President urges rebels to lay down their weapons The president of Yemen has urged Houthi militants to lay down their arms as the civilian death-toll mounts across the war-torn country.

President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi used his speech at the UN General Debate, to praise the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, which has been conducting air strikes on rebels, in support of the government.

International concern has been growing that the airstrikes have failed to distinguish between military and civilian targets.

The civil war in Yemen and the rising death-toll of civilians caught between the Houthi rebels, and Saudi coalition war planes, drew criticism from the UN Secretary General on Monday who condemned violence on all sides, but called for an end to the bombing.

In his speech, President Hadi criticized Iran, which he said was backing the Houthi rebel forces, and praised what he called the "courageous" defence of Yemen by the Saudi-led forces....
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