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'Yennai Arindhaal' Movie Review: Audience Live Responses
By SP_COP on February 05, 2015 | From
'Yennai Arindhaal' Movie Review: Audience Live Responses "Yennai Arindhaal" starring Ajith Kumar, Trisha Krishnan and Anushka Shetty has opened to mixed reviews. However, the fans of Thala are impressed by the romantic-action drama directed by Gautham Menon.

The movie tells the story of a man's journey, from the age of 13 till the age of 38. The tale revolves around the people whom he meets in his life during the afore-mentioned period. Ajith plays the role of Satyadev and Trisha Krishnan is his wife named Hemanika in "Yennai Arindhaal". Other key characters are Anushka Shetty as Thenmozhi, Arun Vijay as Victor and Vivek as Revolver Richard.

Audience Reviews
"Yennai Arindhaal" is being praised for Ajith's strong screen presence, Arun Vijay's enegetic performance, Trisha's lovely looks and a decent story. The father-daughter bonding part is touching to the heart and Menon has capured the emotions well. The other plus points are music departments and cinematography by Dan Macarthur.

On the flip side, people are claiming that the screenplay is slow and it has the shades of Gautham Menon's earlier movies "Kaakha Kaakha" and "Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu". Below, we bring you the live reviews from the audience:

Kollywood Cinema Posts
Wow Simple & Powerful intro of #Thala #Ajith in #YennaiArindhaal Huge Applause
Cant able to hear #Thala #Ajith dialogue. Whenever they show #Ajith huge applause in the screen #YennaiArindhaal
#YennaiArindhaal Interval. Super Twist in the pre interval. Too Class First Half. #Thala #Ajith Different performance from the earlier film
#YennaiArindhaal Interval. @trishtrashers as #Hemanika Awesome performance. Perfect role you rocked. Unnakena song wow you beauty rocked.
#YennaiArindhaal Interval. We cant able to hear any song. Full of applause. #SathyaDevIPS Superb COP. Theri Mass.

Chilly Parotta Writes
#YennaiArindhaal - Another episode in a police officer's life with a equal combination of romance,emotions and thrilling moments(3.75/5)
#YennaiArindhaal - The first half starts slowly and once the flashback starts the film starts to move at gud pace.Second half gud throughout
#YennaiArindhaal - Ajith as Sathyadev has lived as the character.Thanks to @menongautham for showing the Mass Ajith in a class way.
#YennaiArindhaal - Ajith dialogue delivery is getting improvised very much.His romance portions with Trisha highlight of movie.
#YennaiArindhaal - The second half is all about the tussle between Ajith and @arunvijayno1 !! Both have performed superbly.Arun VJ rocked.
#YennaiArindhaal - I never found anything bad in the second half and it was ngaging thru out.Loved seeing Ajith in GVM's angle.
#YennaiArindhaal - Its not a movie like KK or VV,but a movie that has its emotions and thrilling moments equally.
#YennaiArindhaal - It has its MASS momemnts in typical GVM style.Vivek comedy here and there worked well.Harris BGM good.
#YennaiArindhaal - Apart from Yean Ennai and Maya Bazaar every song is a delight to watch on screen.Unakena Venum sollu super o super.
#YennaiArindhaal - Trisha has played her role very beautifully.Anushka also good but her character could have been made even better.

Abishek Writes
A true Ajith fan is hard to be satisfied ! #YennaiArindhaal is functional, but only phenomenal because of Ajith, Harris, Dan and Anthony

Prashanth Tweets
There is nothing extra ordinary about #YennaiArindhaal , thats why did not mention anything. more in the review.
to be honest, @menongautham and team intha padathukku kuduttha builduppa nenachaa thaan lightaa kovam varuthu! #YennaiArindhaal

Kaushik LM Writes
#YennaiArindhaal - 2nd half is the racier of the two. #ArunVijay scores in the final segment. Subtle #Ajith heroism shd click with neutrals
#YennaiArindhaal - Hardcore #Ajith fans shd prepare for a film where their hero isn't at his dominant self all thro. Major paternal emotions
#YennaiArindhaal - A definite sign of #Ajith's maturity in not imposing 'mass' elements and just going with #GauthamMenon's sensibilities
#YennaiArindhaal - Loved #HarrisJayaraj's work on the BGM, lifts every scene. 'Mazhai Vara' and 'Unakkenna' are easily the best visually
#YennaiArindhaal -Strong #GauthamMenon template, be it the characterization of heroines, relationships,paternal angle, Eng lines,local thugs
#YennaiArindhaal - #Ajith's reactions in his mature romance with #Trisha & the child scenes bound to be a big favorite with ladies &neutrals

Narayanan Posts
#YennaiArindhaal It's not Ajith film.Its @arunvijayno1 film.What a comeback.Hapoy for him.Terrific performance.2nd half saves the movie.
#YennaiArindhaal 1st half - Audience losing patience.Desperate for Intermission.Film's result depends only on 2nd half
#YennaiArindhaal Wonder why script consultants were used.To rehash old movies ?
#YennaiArindhaal 1st half - Mix f all GVM movies.Screenplay boring.Average.2nd half to save the movie.
#YennaiArindhaal It's not Ajith film.Its @arunvijayno1 film.What a comeback.Hapoy for him.Terrific performance.2nd half saves the movie.
#YennaiArindhaal Overall it's good.Can watch movie for @arunvijayno1 Career best performance
#YennaiArindhaal #Thala has tried different subject after all gangster type movies.He portrayed brilliantly as emotional dad.
#YennaiArindhaal Phone conversation Scene btw #Thala and @arunvijayno1 in 2nd half s treat.Film picks pace in 2nd half and ends good.
#YennaiArindhaal can't give U as lot bad words in film even though they r muted.Songs in 2nd half Gud. Camera @danmac711 s awesome.
#YennaiArindhaal @trishtrashers character s mix f GVM old movie heroines' char.#Anushka has little scope.#vivek evokes laughter t few places...
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