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Harper Lee's Editor on the New Book, Which He Only Learned About 'Yesterday'
By SP_COP on February 03, 2015 | From www.vulture.com
Harper Lee's Editor on the New Book, Which He Only Learned About 'Yesterday' The upcoming arrival of Harper Lee’s second novel, Go Set a Watchman, came as just as much of a shock to people in the publishing industry as it did to the rest of us. Even Hugh Van Dusen, Lee’s editor at HarperCollins, didn’t learn about the book’s existence until yesterday.

Van Dusen, who’s been working with Lee for years, spoke to us about the new book, the author’s current life, and whether or not she’s been able to put some recent legal skirmishes behind her.

When did you learn the book existed?
I learned yesterday. Other people have read it at Harper, but I haven't yet. The book had been a deep secret here, even to me.

Do you remember your reaction in the moment?
Amazement. It’s absolutely stunning. To find a complete and apparently very good book by a writer of this caliber? To Kill a Mockingbird sells more copies in this country than any other classic novel. No one is really sure how many copies it has sold since publication, but the number is huge.

I've seen a 40 million figure.
It's more than that, but roughly in that neighborhood. I'm trying to find out exactly. It sells about 750,000 to 800,00 copies a year, which is much more, for example, than The Great Gatsby or Salinger — you name it. Maybe not more than Huckleberry Finn, but we’re talking 20th-century novels....
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