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By SP_COP on January 30, 2015 | From io9.com
Project Almanac Proves It's Possible For A Movie To Be TOO Self-Aware Project Almanac, the "found footage" time travel movie in theaters today, is kinda cute. And some people have praised the self-aware way it references other, better time-travel films like Bill and Ted and Looper. But on reflection, that self-awareness isn't a strength, it's the reason Project Almanac falters.

Spoilers ahead...

Project Almanac is one of those movies where you absolutely must turn off your brain if you're going to enjoy any of it. Nothing in this movie makes even the slightest amount of sense from the time-travel logic to most of the decisions made by the main characters and you just have to run with it. Unfortunately, the self-referentiality of this film winds up being kind of like a prosthetic brain Project Almanac references other time travel movies as a way of covering up the fact that its storytelling is lackluster at best.

That said, this movie is fun enough, if you manage to turn off your brain (and being buzzed on your intoxicant of choice would probably help a lot.)

In Project Almanac, David (Jonny Weston) is a nerd who discovers that his long-dead father left the core of a time machine, with plans for building it, hidden in his basement. Soon he and his friends are abusing the heck out of time travel, doing all the usual stuff: 1) Winning the lottery. 2) Getting back at bullies. 3) Acing that chemistry pop quiz you flunked. 4) Going to Lollapalooza. 5) Getting more "Likes" on Instagram.

But then they discover that their changes to the past have caused ripple effects, and *** has gotten jacked up. Just like The Butterfly Effect or whatever. Now they have to fix it, but everything they do to fix it just causes more problems....