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WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights
By SP_COP on January 25, 2015 | From
WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights Every January, 30 of WWE's toughest hombres enter the ring, one by one, and attempt the seemingly impossible task of being the last man standing. The winner of the over-the-top rope battle royale not only enters the history books—he's also guaranteed a shot at the WWE championship at WrestleMania.

This year that winner was Roman Reigns, much to the chagrin of the crowd live. The crowd turned on the match as soon as Daniel Bryan was eliminated, refusing to play along with anything that followed. Reigns was booed early and often, a victim of the WWE fanbase's general discontent more than anything he's done to deserve it.

More than routine excellence, the Royal Rumble is also famous for its surprises. Fans are treated, year-after-year, to both new stars making their debuts and returning legends, desperate for that one last nostalgia pop. This year it was DDP, Bubba Ray Dudley and The Rock, who rescued Reigns from evil at the end but failed at his main mission—transferring his popularity to his young cousin.

The disappointing Rumble stole the spotlight from an all-time great title match. Brock Lesnar defended his WWE belt against rival John Cena and opportunist Seth Rollins in a match for the ages. He'll now, presumably, go on to face Reigns at WrestleMania....
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