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Nancy Grace, 2 Chainz Get in Heated Debate Over ''Doobies'' and Parenting
By SP_COP on January 14, 2015 | From
Nancy Grace, 2 Chainz Get in Heated Debate Over ''Doobies'' and Parenting "Feds Watching" rapper 2 Chainz stopped by Nancy Grace on Tuesday evening, Jan. 13, and got into a heated debate with the news host about the merits of marijuana legalization.

Nancy Grace introduced 2 Chainz, 37, to her show after featuring a story about a little girl who died in a fire while her parents were intoxicated from smoking and drinking. "You're a star, so many people, so many teens, so many young adults, look up to you," she began to the rapper. "Can I ask you, when you hear about cases like this, why do you still support the legalization of marijuana?"

"They had alcohol included, which we all know causes you to black out, forget things, and have memory loss," he shot back about the parents, who have been charged with their daughter's death. "They also [were] irresponsible people. I don't think that you could put an umbrella on the whole community off these few incidents that you just named... the smokers, the stoners community... You can't use these particular stories to define everybody that has recreational use."

In her typical fashion, Grace, 55, fought back against 2 Chainz's argument, declaring emphatically, "I'm not defining everybody, okay? So don't throw me in that pot and stew me!"...
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