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Songs and death threats for Lebanese American *** star Mia Khalifa
By SP_COP on January 08, 2015 | From edition.cnn.com
Songs and death threats for Lebanese American *** star Mia Khalifa Few parents are delighted to learn that their daughter is a *** star, even a highly successful one. But for 21-year-old Mia Khalifa of Florida, a family dispute has taken on international dimensions.

Khalifa is PornHub's highest-ranked adult star. But she is also Lebanese-born -- and her chosen line of work has not only disappointed her parents but generated huge controversy in her native country.

The debate has gained such a head of steam that some Arab news outlets published a family statement this week condemning Khalifa's actions and expressing the family's regret about her fame as a *** star.

She is also criticized for her tattoo, in Arabic, of the opening lines of the Lebanese National Anthem.

"We are probably paying the price of living away from our homeland; our kids had to adapt to societies that don't resemble our culture, traditions and values," the family statement said.

"Hence, we emphasize that we disassociate ourselves from her actions which do not reflect her family beliefs, her upbringing or her true Lebanese roots. We hope that she comes back to her senses as her image does not honor her family or her homeland -- Lebanon."

According to the statement, Khalifa, born in 1993, moved with her family to the United States in 2000. They left behind them one of the more liberal countries in the Middle East but one where religion plays a central, sometimes divisive, role in daily life and many are deeply socially conservative.

Having turned 18, Khalifa left home, the statement says, "as is common in the West. She married an American guy in February 2011 and is currently living with him in Florida. Mia has since lost contact with her family."

Despite the family rift, Khalifa has been doing well for herself.

And she's been fighting back against the criticism on her Twitter feed, which has more than 100,000 followers (and contains some slightly NSFW content).

She writes: "@borenstein_alex: @miakhalifa how do we achieve peace in the Middle East?" Stop talking about pornstars that aren't living in your country"

But many critics continue to voice their disgust on Twitter.

"I am a Palestinian patriot and what you are doing is shameful," one person wrote. Another says her head should be cut off for what she's doing.

And that's far from the only death threat she's received.

She posted a doctored photo that appeared to show her as a prisoner of ISIS.

At the same time, she has many online supporters....
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