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Galavant series premiere recap: 'Pilot'
By SP_COP on January 05, 2015 | From tvrecaps.ew.com
Galavant series premiere recap: 'Pilot' Spoiler alert: EW loves Galavant—so much so that multiple writers wanted to take a stab at recapping it. Which is why resident musical-philes Hillary Busis and Esther Zuckerman decided to do a tag-team discussion of the fluffy comedy's first episode.

HILLARY: Let's talk about a show
That takes place long ago
A weirdo musical called Galavant
The jokes are kinda lame
But even all the same
I'm finding that I do like Galavant!

ESTHER: I didn't think I would
But maybe now I could
Want a second season of Galavant!
Sometimes it sort of sucks
It won't make big big bucks
But there's a kind of charm to Galavant!

HILLARY: Let's back up. Galavant is about 60 percent Robin Hood: Men in Tights, 30 percent The Princess Bride, and 10 percent Smash, meaning it is basically the perfect television series (if you, like me, are... me).

ESTHER: I'd throw some Spamalot/Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and The Court Jester into the mix, too. (Literally, there's a rhyme in one song that's an exact replica of one in The Court Jester, a movie I have obviously watched way too much.)

HILLARY: The songs, by Tangled duo Glenn Slater and Alan Menken, are catchy (it's so hard to keep myself from writing the rest of this review as lyrics to the show's title tune); the jokes, as mentioned before, are silly and bawdy and often kind of quaintly terrible, in a very appealing way; the performers are clearly having a great time, particularly Timothy Omundson as wicked Prince Humperdick—er, I mean, King Richard—and smiley Luke Youngblood (a.k.a. MAGNITUDE) as the title character's loyal squire.

If you love musicals, especially the nudge-nudge wink-wink meta-sort that have become common on Broadway over the past few decades, you'll certainly be won over by this series' throwback charm and gentle fourth wall breaking. If you don't, well, why are you reading this recap to begin with?

I sense, though, that you may not be not quite as much of a Galavant cheerleader as me, Esther. How could that possibly be?

ESTHER: Perhaps because the show seems like a stew of medieval comedy classics with some network-TV-safe innuendo thrown in, I was predisposed to dislike it. But it did grow on me over the first two episodes. The songs aren't particularly original or clever, but at least one is ridiculously catchy—the "Galavant" refrain from the first number keeps popping into my head.

So let's meet Galavant, shall we? He's a sexy dude hooking up with the pretty Madalena. It seems like true, "as you wish"-style love until Madalena is kidnapped by King *** to be his bride. In the opening number, we see Galavant galloping off to rescue his maiden—only to learn that she doesn't really want to be rescued. (She'd rather have fame and fortune over the true love stuff.) Madalena kind of sucks—but we soon realize that Galavant sucks, too. Right?

HILLARY: If by "sucks" you mean "is basically a depressive, alcoholic Gaston gone to seed," then yes, I agree—Galavant himself "sucks."...
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