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Officer Told Grand Jury He Meant No Harm to Eric Garner
By SP_COP on December 04, 2014 | From
Officer Told Grand Jury He Meant No Harm to Eric Garner It was never supposed to be a chokehold, the officer testified. It was a wrestling move.

After two months of considering evidence in the fatal choking of Eric Garner on July 17, a grand jury on Staten Island was finally hearing from Daniel Pantaleo, the officer accused in the death.

Officer Pantaleo, 29, led the grand jury through the confrontation, narrating three different videos of the arrest that were taken by bystanders. His task would not be easy.

One video, widely seen on the Internet, seemed to show Officer Pantaleo using a chokehold ó a move banned by the Police Department, but not explicitly against state law ó to bring Mr. Garner down. The medical examinerís office determined that the chokehold, as well as compression to the chest, caused Mr. Garnerís death, and ruled it a homicide.

The officer tackled some of the most damaging evidence head-on. He acknowledged that he heard Mr. Garner saying, ďI canít breathe, I canít breathe,Ē and insisted that he tried to disengage as quickly as he could, according to his lawyer, Stuart London. At the same time, Mr. Garnerís ability to speak, the officer testified, suggested that he, in fact, could breathe....
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