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WWE: Trish Stratus Says WWE Divas Like AJ Lee And Paige Need To Wrestle Men
By SP_COP on October 26, 2014 | From www.inquisitr.com
WWE: Trish Stratus Says WWE Divas Like AJ Lee And Paige Need To Wrestle Men Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus is now a yoga guru and an action movie actress, but she recently took the time to give some advice to the current crop of WWE Divas like AJ Lee and Paige.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Vince McMahon recently created an interesting new rule for all the WWE Total Divas stars, and it’s claimed that WWE creative is cooking up a very risque story line between AJ Lee and Paige.

Because Trish Stratus is in the WWE Hall Of Fame, her opinion might hold some sway on how the current WWE Divas could improve their act. While the three-woman corner slam at Night of Champions 2014 was interesting, Stratus seems to think the only way the girls can take their show up a notch is by wrestling with the men.

“I got to get in the ring with The Rock and Kurt Angle… Big Show tossed me over the top ropes,” Stratus recalled. “Certainly, those things all resonate with the fans.”

That would certainly make for some interesting matches, especially if it involves any drama between the married couples in the WWE. Can you imagine Daniel Bryan taking on his wife, Brie Bella? Or John Cena and Nikki Bella hashing out their marriage arguments in the ring? (Give me babies or else!) Maybe we could even see AJ Lee go crazy on CM… oh wait, I let my imagination go a little bit too wild there....
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