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Police killer Harry Roberts: The crime that shocked a nation
By SP_COP on October 24, 2014 | From www.bbc.com
Police killer Harry Roberts: The crime that shocked a nation The world was a very different place in 1966 when three unarmed police officers were shot dead in west London.

Such violent crimes were relatively unheard of and shockwaves reverberated across a nation which had been celebrating England's World Cup victory just two weeks previously.

Harry Roberts, who shot two of the men, would be given three life sentences for his role in the crime - but only after sparking a massive manhunt.

Britain's outrage and sorrow were illustrated by the thousands who lined the streets for the officers' funeral.

Members of the public openly wept for the occupants of the unmarked police vehicle, call sign Foxtrot One One, killed in the line of duty.

Months on the run

Roberts had been sitting in a parked van in Braybrook Street, near Wormwood Scrubs, at about 3.15pm on 12 August 1966 after taking part in an armed robbery when they were spotted by the three officers.

Sgt Christopher Head, 30, and Det Con David Wombwell, 25, approached John Witney, the driver of the vehicle, to ask him about his driving documents.

As Det Con Wombwell was writing in his notebook, Roberts - the front seat passenger - took out a Luger pistol and shot him.

Sgt Head ran back towards the police car but he too was shot by Roberts. Their colleague PC Geoffrey Fox, 41, was killed by fellow gang member John Duddy....
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