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Ready for Her Close-Up: ''Flipping Vegas'' designer Aime Yancey on remaking your home
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Ready for Her Close-Up: ''Flipping Vegas'' designer Aime Yancey on remaking your home Amie Yancey says it’s time to do a spring makeover. Not on you. On your house.

The interior designer from the hit show “Flipping Vegas” says that it’s time to face what’s good, bad and ugly in your house. “Most people have too much clutter. If you want to revamp your house for spring start with getting rid of things,” she advises.

“When it doubt, throw it out,” she says with a laugh.

Besides designing, Yancey has to deal with her screaming, pressure-loving, Type A-plus hubby, real estate mogul Scott Yancey.

“I was raised on a 100-acre farm in Canada with sheep and horses. I’m such an animal person. I’d give Scott away for more animals!” Yancey jokes.

Q: Are you getting recognized more and more from “Flipping Vegas?”

A: I do get recognized a lot. I was in Home Depot the other day and this gentleman who works there says, “Hi Amie. I just want you to know that my 92-year-old Dad wants to beat Scott up.”

Q: Let’s talk about spring makeovers for your house. What are some easy, not so expensive fixes?

A: Start with paint. It makes all the difference in the world. If you don’t have the budget to replace cabinets then take the ones you have, sand them down and paint them. Personally, I always like back splashes in the kitchen. Plus, it’s not super expensive and it makes the kitchen look fresh and clean. Someone will think you did a total rehab. It also helps to re-arrange your furniture.

Q: What is another room that makes a big difference?

A: Renovate that old, ugly bathroom. Most people have bathrooms that are pretty outdated, and these are tight spaces so not always that expensive to fix. If it is a tight space, sometimes I like to rip out the tub and do a mud set shower pan or fiberglass pan. You can add inexpensive tile all the way up the walls with a big, square showerhead. Do some recessed shampoo boxes in the shower. Even put a candle in there. Make it romantic. You can even have a seat built in the corner of the shower.

Q: Buttery yellow walls were in, but you tend to like tans and grays for paint. What are you loving this spring?

A: I used to do yellows for walls. My new thing is grays for walls. I do love a great gray. I love Pittsburgh Paints because what you see on the swatch is what you get. Grays also make your flooring pop.

Q: What’s your personal worst home habit?

A: I can relate to those who clutter. Scott is not even allowed in my closet. I’m a hoarder there.

Q: During this new season of “Flipping Vegas,” you’ve flipped some seriously disgusting houses. What was the worst?

A: We bought one house where they had two goats living in the house. Urine was everywhere and we literally had to cut out the walls to get rid of the smell. Another house was really a puppy breeding facility and they just threw the dog food everywhere. Then there was a house where the people took out the electrical outlets....
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