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Lily Allen Wraps Sheezus Tour with Shaky Hollywood Show: Concert Review
By SP_COP on October 19, 2014 | From
Lily Allen Wraps Sheezus Tour with Shaky Hollywood Show: Concert Review Lily Allen loves to take the the *** out of someone, but it’s not always clear who.

Case in point: the British musician concluded her U.S. headlining run at Los Angeles' Palladium on Friday night and invoked a slew of visuals that were seemingly meant as satire on, well, something. Allen’s recent album, Sheezus, took aim at pop music and its stars, the title track playfully poking everyone from Beyonce to Katy Perry to Kanye West, the latter who inspired album's title if not her own grappling with how femininity is manifested in mainstream music. The Sheezus Tour, however, didn’t quite hits its target.

Allen's stage, for starters, featured 20 or so massive baby bottles which lit up throughout the performance. Was she suggesting her audience were all a bunch of babies or just pointing out that she’s now a mother? And for someone with so much to say in her songs — and often online — Allen didn’t converse much with the audience. She offered short quips about the songs’ meanings or contexts, but didn’t elaborate. As she launched into “LDN,” Allen noted, “This song is about my hometown” as she peeled off her sweater to reveal a red bra and killer abs.

The audience was mostly un-enthused for the new material, like “L8 CMMR” and “Our Time,” a track Allen said was about “the end of the week," while her earlier material seems to have stood the test of time. Numbers from 2006’s Alright, Still felt relevant now, particularly as Allen charmed her way through buoyant pop track “Smile” and the bumping “Littlest Things.”

When the lyrics told a deeper story, Allen hit strongly. In “Everyone’s At It,” off It’s Not Me, It’s You, the singer said she was after “people who make judgments about other people” and the need for societal acceptance of drug use. Her words were timely when they emerged in 2009 and still feel as compellingly wry now. Even her new track, “URL Badman,” sends up people “who have nothing better to do than sit on their phones,” Allen remarked. “Those people who sit on their phones and computers just spewing negative shit.” It’s a good message and one that represents Allen’s power as a pop star who dangles her feet off the edge, disinterested in fully playing the game in which many of her peers compete....
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