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Fox News Host, Viewers Prep for ISIS Invasion of U.S. (Video)
By SP_COP on October 10, 2014 | From www.opposingviews.com
Fox News Host, Viewers Prep for ISIS Invasion of U.S. (Video) Fox News "Justice With Judge Jeanine" host Jeanine Pirro warned her viewers last night about a possible upcoming invasion by the Middle East terrorist group ISIS on U.S. soil.

According to RawStory.com, Pirro interviewed a former Navy SEAL who told viewers how to “protect themselves against terrorist attacks on our own soil.”

Towards the end of her show, Pirro read responses by Fox News viewers (video below), who seemed to be unaware that President Obama is conducting multiple bombing campaigns against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, noted CNN.

According to RT.com, President Obama has bombed seven countries in six years in the "War on Terror."

However, Fox News viewers actually claimed the opposite.

"This president has never done his primary duty in protecting our country. He daily seeks to undermine it to suit his own power goals," said a viewer named Susan.

"You got guts, that's more than I can say about Obama," added Dwayne. "We need leadership now."

"Right on, I want to know what our country is doing to defend us," stated Annie.

“I know my family takes the threat of ISIS seriously, we are locked and loaded,” Angie wrote to Pirro.

“If the Obama administration won’t do it, we Americans must band together to protect ourselves from the terrorism here on our soil,” stated Anne.

Pirro then asked viewers how they were preparing for the apparent onslaught of ISIS.

“I am locked and loaded, let them in if they can get past my guns,” a viewer named Wendy wrote.

"I ordered a three month supply of food storage, ordered 1,000 rounds [of ammunition], and I'm living as normally as I can,” said Felicia.

“I've been practicing at the gun range, and I just bought myself a pretty pink pistol,” bragged Susan.

A viewer named Jason said he was buying “a gun or two" because he "can’t depend on the current government to protect me.”

Pirro has a history of making outrageous claims on her show....
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