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Karl Urban calls for Dredd 2 Kickstarter
By SP_COP on May 20, 2014 | From
Karl Urban calls for Dredd 2 Kickstarter After Dredd 2? Karl Urban suggests crowdfunding may be the way forward...

It's the project that's not going away, and we're very glad to hear it. In spite of initially poor box office numbers for 2012's Dredd movie, the film has continued to do well on home formats, and talk of a sequel continues. It's been helped by the fact that the big screen's Judge Dredd himself, Karl Urban, has been backing the idea too.

There's still a proverbial mountain to climb to get the project off the ground, although Urban was at the Motor City Comic Con over the weekend, and was talking about the project again.

As ComicBook reports, Urban was always insistent that Dredd's mask would stay on, and the man clearly enjoyed making the film. But as for a sequel? Nothing has thus far been written (although Alex Garland has suggested that he'll be turning his attention to Dredd 2 before the year is out), but Urban confirmed he'd take the role again if it was offered. He then "urged the panel attendees to create a Kickstarter for it"....
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