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Courtney Love Trying To Keep Bandmates Happy Ahead Of Possible Hole Reunion
By SP_COP on May 02, 2014 | From
Courtney Love Trying To Keep Bandmates Happy Ahead Of Possible Hole Reunion The classic line-up of Courtney Love's rock band Hole faces a series of obstacles before a reunion tour can be planned - because all the members have very different backstage requirements.

Love recently revealed she, Eric Erlandson, Patty Schemel and Melissa Auf Der Mar have regrouped to rehearse but there is nothing set in stone regarding tour dates or the recording of new material.

The Malibu singer admits it's going to be a logistical nightmare to get the group back on the road.

She tells, "I'm not going to commit to it happening, because we want an element of surprise. There's a lot of i's to be dotted and t's to be crossed.

"There's some caveats, there's some things people need. We're older, we're all mainlining vegan food... Nobody smokes, other than me. No one's on drugs. Melissa drinks red wine, like me, and Patty's sober.

"I'd like to make sure that (my current guitarist) Micko (Larkin) stays along for that ride, because we're going to need an extra person if we do it anyway. He's been my guitarist for seven years, we have a good connection."

Meanwhile, the singer reveals that aside from the backstage rules it wouldn't take much to get her old band back in the studio and then onstage: "If we can get two killer songs together and then look at an album... I can't live on the oldies circuit. The band started talking about everyone who's done it... I'm the last hold-out on this."...
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