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Oprah retiring from O?
By SP_COP on April 10, 2014 | From
Oprah retiring from O? Oprah Winfrey is reportedly planning to retire from the cover of O magazine.

The TV titan has been the cover girl for O, The Oprah Magazine for nearly 15 years.

But editor-at-large Gayle King admits The Butler actress has been wanting off the front page for ages.

"She's been saying for at least five years that it's time for [her] to come off the cover," Gayle told Entertainment Tonight.

"Our challenge here at O, The Oprah Magazine is finding what could replace Oprah on the cover,” she revealed.

Oprah, for now, remains gracing its cover. In the latest issue hitting stands next Tuesday, the 60-year-old star is shown lying down in a purple gown, her hair elegantly splayed on the floor.

But the OWN network founder insists she doesn’t take her work as a cover girl too seriously.

"You know, when I'm home in my spare time, I just get dressed up and lay on the floor sprawled in an evening gown," she laughed about the upcoming issue.

Oprah has meanwhile been focused on her movie career, appearing in Lee Daniels’ BAFTA Award-nominated drama The Butler, as well as producing her own projects.

Her most infamous production at the moment appears to be Lindsay, a reality show starring troubled actress Lindsay Lohan as she tries to make a comeback following a recent stint in rehab.

Lindsay was paid a reported $2 million to shoot the series.

A teaser released shortly before the show premiered last month showed Oprah delivering some tough love as she confronted the Mean Girls star about drama on set....
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