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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield squirm on The Ellen Show after getting some VERY awkward questions about their real life romance
By SP_COP on April 04, 2014 | From
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield squirm on The Ellen Show after getting some VERY awkward questions about their real life romance They rarely speak about their real life relationship.

So joint promotional duties for their new Amazing Spider-Man film leave Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield in a rather awkward position.

None more so than their appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show taped on Thursday, where both the talk show host and Spider-Man co-star Jamie Foxx left them squirming.

Both Andrew and Emma looked particularly uncomfortable when Ellen brought up the subject of whether the cast share hotel rooms while on promotional duties overseas.

Clearly enjoying himself, Foxx added to the loaded question, asking Garfield and Stone: 'What do you guys do? I mean do you guys stay in separate rooms orÖ Iíve been wanting to know this for a while. Iíve been wanting to know what do you guys do?'

'I ainít trying to get in your business,' he laughed. 'I just wanna know what yíall do.'

Garfield attempted to brush it off with a joke, telling Foxx: 'Hereís the thing, you know the answer to that because weíve been sharing the same bedroom.'

'Oh itís you two. I see,' said Ellen. 'Youíre the couple that everybody talks about.'

Despite the couple's clear discomfort, the talk show host was determined not to let them off lightly, remarking on Garfield and Stone's 'great chemistry' after showing an exclusive clip of the film.

'I donít know where you went but I went somewhere,' Foxx teased. 'Amazing chemistry.'

'Now do you work at that?' quizzed Ellen. 'Do you rehearse? Before you kiss, do you kiss to make sure you kiss okay?'

'I mean, do you guys?' added Foxx.

Lost for words, Garfield drank from his glass of water, and attempted to change the subject by asking Ellen: 'Are we back yet? Weíre back right now? Welcome back to the Ellen Show.'

'Ellen has another question I think for us,' the squirming British star told his girlfriend....
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