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What's the rush? Alec Baldwin looks keen to push on as wife Hilaria chats with friend in New York
By SP_COP on April 01, 2014 | From
What's the rush? Alec Baldwin looks keen to push on as wife Hilaria chats with friend in New York He is hardly known for being the most patient of fellows.

So it will come as no surprise to followers of Alec Baldwin that the actor did not seem too happy to stop and chat as he went for a stroll with wife Hilaria in New York on Monday.

The legendary actor seemed keen to stretch his legs as he pushed the pram during a family walk with his other half and baby Carmen.

However the grumpy star was forced to kick his heels while Hilaria, who was holding on to their seven-year-old pride and joy, chewed the fat with her cohort.

Alec, 55, was looking dapper in a navy jacket, blue shirt, black trousers and a pair of smart leather shoes.

However his 29-year-old other half looked far more glamorous in an all black ensemble of woollen jacket, scarf, dress and boots, even daring to add a touch of celebrity glamour by wearing sunglasses in the gloomy Big Apple.

The Hunt For Red October star was certainly getting in plenty of pushing practice, for before he took charge of the stroller, he had earlier been spotted pushing in their luggage to his posh apartment building after a visit to the extremely wealthy Hamptons area, where he recently bought a new home.

He made the bold property move despite earlier claiming he was going to leave New York so his daughter could have a 'normal life.'

Alec's hurried demeanour was almost the polar opposite of his appearance in one of Hilaria's hilarious yoga pose of the day Twitter pictures on Monday.

For the comical couple recreated the moment from two years ago when the ham dropped down on one knee to propose, apparently at a beach in the Hamptons....
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