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Nothing pants about him! Superman Henry Cavill gets US presenter flustered talking about his 'packaging'… as he reveals he's glad not to wear the red underwear
By SP_COP on June 13, 2013 | From
It’s not unusual for people to swoon over a man in uniform, particularly when it’s a skintight muscle- defining superhero one.

But it seems Henry Cavill doesn’t even need his Superman costume to make women hot under the collar as he discovered when he was interviewed by Katie Couric.

The TV presenter quickly became flustered as she discussed the Man Of Steel actor’s good looks and fumbled over his ‘packaging.’

In the interview alongside his co-star Amy Adams, who plays Lois Lane, Katie questioned the British actor about how some stars receive recognition more for their looks than their acting talent.

She began: ‘Women sometimes ... There is such a thing as being too 'ridiculously good-looking,' as they would say in 'Zoolander'.’

Continuing she asked him: ‘But do you worry at all, Henry, about it getting in the way of your acting and for people ... in terms of people taking you seriously for your craft, instead of your ... packaging?’...
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