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Nadia Bjorlin Profile
Actress, Model
"I believe in ‘soul mates,’ especially growing up and seeing how much my parents loved each other. They always said tha..
Nadia Turner Profile
“When the judges told me I'd made it into the Top 12, at first I thought they were joking.” Nadia Turner. A for..
Nadine Velazquez Profile
Actress, Model
American actress and model of Puerto Rican descent Nadine Velazquez is best known for portraying  Catalina Aruca on &ld..
Nancy Juvonen Profile
American film and television producer Nancy Juvonen co-owns the production company Flower Films, with partner Drew Barrymore..
Nancy Meyers Profile
“There's a hardening of the culture. Reality TV has lowered the standards of entertainment. You're left wondering about..
Nancy O'Dell Profile
"I think 'perky' connotes a little bit of fakeness. (The media) think you're being perky just for the audience. But if..
Nancy Sinatra Profile
“It's a hectic, crazy life. You're not like a shoe salesman who can get rid of his wares. You're stuck with a product&..
Nancy Travis Profile
American actress Nancy Travis is known to television audiences for her roles as the compulsive TV producer in the CBS sitcom..
Nancy Vallen Profile
American actress and producer Nancy Valen, sometimes credited as Nancy Valin and Nancy Van Patten, is perhaps most popular f..
Nancy Walls Profile
Comedian and actress Nancy Walls, also credited as Nancy Carell, worked on “Saturday Night Live” from 1995 to 19..
Naomi Campbell Profile
Model, Actress
The first black supermodel to appear on the cover of French and British Vogue, as well as Time magazine, Naomi Campbell has..
Naomie Harris Profile
“I think this is a brilliant level to be at. I wouldn’t like to be any more well known than this.” Naomie Harris on her leve..
Naomi Judd Profile
“I love to hear people's stories. People listen to The Judds, and we listen to them, whether it's people listening to..
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