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Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas get frisky in Las Vegas
SP_COP - June 12, 2014 -
THE film Last Vegas shows that it's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Especially when the mutts in question are Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas...Last Vegas is the film...
Michael Douglas - A&E Private Sessions (PICS)
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CATHERINE BELL @ Michael Douglas Golf Tournament
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Michael Douglas: Edgar Wright Ant-Man departure 'very disappointing'
SP_COP - June 09, 2014 -
Ant-Man star Michael Douglas has labelled the departure of director Edgar Wright "disappointing" in the first public comment from a leading cast member on the high profile superhero tale.Douglas, who...
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Michael Douglas: 'Things are going great with Catherine'
SP_COP - May 09, 2014 -
MICHAEL DOUGLAS has opened up about his relationship with wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, revealing everything is "going great".The pair separated in 2013 after 13 years of marriage, however, recent report...