Mandy Moore
Birth Date:
April 10, 1984
Birth Place:
Nashua, New Hampshire, USA
5' 8
Famous for:
Her role in A Walk To Remember (2002)
actress, musician
Bishop Moore Catholic High School in Orlando, Florida
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Mandy's "Candy"


Since she was just six years old, dance-pop singer Mandy Moore was determined to be an entertainer. Breaking into the recording industry via voice-overs and commercials, she started her career as a singer under Sony Music.

"Music is my passion. It's my priority. I love it." Mandy Moore Her artistic talents may in part have been inherited from her grandmother who was a dancer in the theater district in the West End of London.

Moore is not only a musician but actress as well. She has starred in movies and appeared in commercials. She's earned awards and her first album debut produced the hit, "Candy." Mandy insists she's a singer who occasionally acts, not the other way around.

"I'm so blessed people have accepted me into the film world. But the truth is I can't wait to get back to music. Let's face it, I haven't had the most stunning success in the music world. But funny enough, it's the one thing I'm most passionate about." Mandy Moore

Busy Girl

Childhood and Family:

American actress/musician, Amanda Leigh Moore, was born on April 10, 1984, in Nashua, New Hampshire, to Don Moore, an airline pilot, and Stacy Moore. Her family moved to Orlando, Florida, where she still lives today with her parents and brothers, Scott and Kyle, and three cats.

Moore recognized that she was going to be a star by the age of six. By nine she was singing and acting in a summer musical theatre camp. She was a cheerleader for the Pop Warner football team for almost seven years, took voice lessons and auditioned for plays with the local theatres.

Mandy Moore went to school at the Bishop Moore Catholic High School in Orlando, Florida. Her favorite subjects were English and French while math proved to be her most challenging subject. As her schedule with tours and recordings became more demanding, she left Bishop Moore Catholic High School and proceeded with her education through tutors and correspondence.

Fortunate Moore


Performing the National Anthem at several athletic events around her hometown of Orlando, Florida, Mandy Moore became known as the "National Anthem girl." Her performances with "The Star-Spangled Banner" for major sports teams and Chris Evert's Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament led her involvement to national commercials, TV pilots and voice-overs, including the voice of "Ducky" for the Universal Studios California "Land Before Time" attraction. Furthermore, she entered the fashion word as a model for a Mexican teen magazine. Mandy gained national publicity and exposure at an early age, and that, coupled with her family and friend's support, helped her career get off to a good start

Mandy was offered the chance to make a full demo while she was recording a theme song for a TV pilot. After considering offers, Moore signed a contract with Sony Music. She was just 15 when her first album "So Real" was released. Moore's first tour was with Backstreet Boys.

After the first album "So Real" created the hit "Candy," a remix of the song would later appear in her 2000 release, "I Wanna Be With You." In the summer of 2001, Moore released her album titled "Mandy Moore" and in 2003, "Coverage" hit the stands.

Moore's record sales may not be in the same class as Britney Spears or Christina Aquilera, but she has demonstrated she has remarkable talent both in singing and acting. Mandy received a MTV Movie Award in June 2002 for her first film role in "A Walk To Remember (2002)" and in 2003, she starred in the films "How To Deal," "Saved" and "Try Seventeen."

With dreams of performing on Broadway, learning to play the guitar, and working toward writing her own music, the young star is gearing up to experience even more of the entertainment business. Mandy gained success at an early age, but never feels that she is growing up too fast.

"I don't feel I've missed out on anything about growing up because I feel so fortunate. There are so many kids that would love to be doing what I'm doing!" Mandy Moore


  • Young Hollywood Awards: Unstoppable Vision, 2003
  • MTV Movie: Breakthrough Female Performance, A Walk To Remember, 2002
  • Teen Choice Awards: Film - Choice Breakout Performance - Actress, A
  • Walk To Remember, 2002
  • Teen Choice Awards: Film - Choice Chemistry, A Walk To Remember, 2002
  • (shared with Shane West)
  • Young Hollywood Award: Superstar of Tomorrow - Female, 2002
  • Kids Choice award: Favorite Rising Star
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