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Margo Harshman Profile
“Acting is my passion. Even if I wasn't getting paid for it, I would do it. I always want to act.” Margo Harshma..
Marguerite Moreau Profile
“Marguerite is the prototype of the motivated young actor. She is very fun offstage, but very serious while filming. Sh..
Maria Bello Profile
American actress Maria Bello drew the public's attention for her successful performance as cocktail waitress Natalie Belisar..
Maria Conchita Alonso Profile
actress, singer
Cuban-born actress/singer Maria Conchita Alonso recently adorned the silver screen with the role of Inez in the movie Mater..
Maria Grazia Cucinotta Profile
“Nobody is born speaking two languages.” Maria Grazia Cucinotta One of Italian fruitful actresses, Maria Grazia Cucinotta ga..
Mariah Carey Profile
Actress, Producer, Composer, Director
"Music is what I love and it's what I feel and it's in me and to know that I can do something that I enjoy and hopefully brin..
Maria Menounos Profile
actress, journalist, TV presenter
"Get involved, work hard, and take pride in even the smallest tasks. Find a dream and pursue making it a reality. We all have..
Marianna Palka Profile
Scottish import Marianna Palka is probably most known as the director, writer and producer of the Sundance-screened “Go..
Marianne Jean Baptiste Profile
Making her big screen debut in 1991's “London Kills Me,” British actress Marianne Jean-Baptiste gained internatio..
Marianne Maddalena Profile
American producer of Italian descent Marianne Maddalena is known as the co-founder of the independent production company Crav..
Maria Rita Profile
Brazilian singer Maria Rita, daughter of the legendary vocalist Elis Regina (born in 1945, died in 1982) and famed pianist/ar..
Maria Sharapova Profile
Model, Tennis Player
“When I was working my way to the top of tennis, I didn't say I was number two. I said I wanted to be number one.&rdqu..
Maria Shriver Profile
“California Women are trailblazers in everything they do. They've made history by doing things their way. They didn't w..
Marie Gillain Profile
Belgian actress Marie Gillain rose to fame at age 16 thanks to her portrayal of the teenaged daughter in the French hit &ldq..
Marieh Delfino Profile
American actress of Venezuelan and Cuban descent Marieh Delfino, older sister of Majandra Delfino of UPN's “Roswell&rdq..
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