Luciana Pedraza
Birth Date:
January 5, 1972
Birth Place:
Salta, Argentina
Famous for:
Director of 'Portrait of Billy Joe' (2004)
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Portrait of Billy Joe


Born and raised in Argentina, Luciana Pedraza was the marketing director of W. & Associates, the Buenos Aires-based marketing and event-planning company she formed in 1994, before relocating to America where she is widely known as the wife of actor and filmmaker Robert Duvall. The couple appeared together in 2002's “Assassination Tango,” Pedraza's first and only film until now, and Pedraza directed and penned the 2004 short documentary “Portrait of Billy Joe,” which was produced by Duvall.

Mrs. Duvall

Childhood and Family:

Born on January 5, 1972, Luciana Pedraza spent her first two years in Salta, Argentina before moving with her family to Jujuy. Later, when she was 16, she moved again, this time to the capital city Buenos Aires in order to complete high school. She graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with an MBA and minor in English. Luciana grew up in a family where sports and horses were familiar except tango. She has four younger sisters, Amalia, Josefina Agustina and Florencia.

In 1997, while walking down the street, Luciana was attracted to a man and then invited him to a party. The man was American actor Robert Duvall (born on January 5, 1931), who introduced her to the 'real' Argentina, especially tango. The couple married on October 6, 2004.

Assassination Tango


Argentinian-born Luciana Pedraza found her line of work, event planning for diverse businesses, while pursuing her studies at Buenos Aires. At age 22, she founded her own marketing and event-planning company in Buenos Aires called “W. & Associates,” where she served as the marketing director. She remained a stranger to her native country until she met future husband, Californian-born actor Robert Duvall, in 1997 in Buenos Aires. Since then, she migrated to the Unites States and began a new life with Duvall.

In 2002, two years before the couple's wedding, Pedraza played the pivotal role of Manuela on the drama/thriller “Assassination Tango,”written and directed by and starring Duvall. Premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, the movie, which is Duvall's tribute to tango, hit Argentina on March 12, 2003 when it was shown at the Mar del Plata Film Festival and won Duvall a nomination for the Grand Special Prize at the Deauville Film Festival. As for Pedraza, “Assassination Tango” marks her first and only film to date.

In 2004, Pedraza revisited the showbiz to direct and write “Portrait of Billy Joe,” a short documentary based on the life of actor/musician Billy Joe Shaver. The project was produced by Duvall.


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