Lindsay Lohan
Birth Date:
July 2, 1986
Birth Place:
New York, New York, USA
5' 5
Famous for:
Her dual role of twins in 'The Parent Trap' (1998)
actress, musician
Laurel Springs School
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Lindsay Lohan, Biography


Lindsay Lohan may be young, but in the Entertainment Industry, she's already a bankable commodity. At 5 feet 5 inches, this green-eyed actress has a reputation of having spirited talent.

Born of Italian/Irish parents and an "A" student, Lindsay builds her life around work and her family. When not acting she's a typical teenager enjoying junk food and sports. She loves to shop and prefers listening to R&B and Hip-Hop music.

The movie Parent Trap (1998) may have brought her into the limelight, but solid acting is keeping her there. Critics loved her performance in Freaky Friday (2003) and the movie was a huge hit. Lindsay earned MTV's Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Female for the role and Lindsay has become one of the most sought after actresses in entertainment. With projects lined up, Fashionistas (2005), Dramarama (2006), Gossip Girl (2005) and Fully Loaded (2005), Lindsay is still planning on sticking to "happy movies" and admits to admiring the Actor/Director Jodie Foster. Lindsay says, "I want to act and direct like Jodie Foster." (Daily News, July 22, 1998)

With goals like that one, no doubt Lindsay will continue to soar.

Childhood and Family:

Lindsay Morgan Lohan was born in Long island, New York, on July 2, 1986. She was the first child born to parents Dinah Lohan (former actress and dancer) and Michael Lohan (former actor and businessman). Two brothers and one sister followed Lindsay's birth: Michael, born 1988, Aliana, born 1994, and Dakota, born 1996. Her family continued to live in New York where Lindsay attended Laurel Springs School.


Lindsay, nicknamed Linds, started her career at the tender age of 3. She was the first child ever to be signed by the Ford Modeling Agency sporting a head of red hair.

Her natural talent was noticed, bringing over 60 commercials her way. She even shared the spotlight with Actor/Comedian Bill Cosby in a Jell-O commercial. In 1993 she joined other New York kinds in a Halloween skit with David Letterman.

Later, Lindsay won a role on the soap opera Another World. Her first role in a major motion picture was to be in the re-make of the movie Parent Trap. Lindsay actually had two characters in the movie, a dual role of twins which showed off her skill and talent.

Her next movie, Life-Size, gave Lindsay the chance to work with Tyra Banks. Bette Midler's television sitcom was next, but Lindsay was forced to relinquish the role in order to continue living in New York with her family.

Lexy Gold, Lindsay's next character, appeared in a Disney Channel movie titled Get a Clue. In 2002 Disney again announced that Lindsay was to play Anna Coleman in the re-make of the movie Freaky Friday. Starring beside Jamie Lee Curtis, the new Freaky Friday proved to be a huge success. The movie's director, Mark Waters, praised Lindsay, stating Lindsay had pulled her character off brilliantly.

As if movies weren't enough, ambitious Lindsay added music to her resume. In September 2002, Estefan Enterprises announced a five-album deal with Lindsay, making her a name of the pop music culture. Her first single, Rumors, was released in 2004. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen found Lindsay in the leading role. The movie, filmed in Canada and New York, was released in February of 2003.

Another movie to her credit, Mean Girls, opened to glowing reviews and allowed Lindsay to upscale her paycheck. It is said she will get $7.5 million for her next film, Lady Luck. 

Lindsay has already been on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, won notable awards, is making millions of dollars per movie, and has signed a record deal. Not bad for a teenager.

She's living a busy life, but like she says, "Life is full of risks anyway. Why not take them?"


  • Teen Choice Awards: Movie Actress - Comedy (2004)
  • Teen Choice Awards: Movie Hissy Fit, Mean Girls (2004)
  • Teen Choice Awards: Movie Blush, Mean Girls (2004)
  • Teen Choice Awards: Movie Breakout Star Actress, Mean Girls and
  • Freaky Friday (2004)
  • MTV Movie Awards: Breakthrough Female performance, Freaky Friday (2004)
  • Young Artist Awards: Best Performance in a Feature Film - Leading
  • Young Actress, The Parent Trap (1999)
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