LeAnn Rimes | Bikini Flood (x421)
XenaGuy - Jun 19, 2017
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LeAnn Rimes happy with her fuller figure
SP_COP - September 19, 2013 -
LeAnn Rimes is ''glad to have a little more meat on'' her now.The star was pictured looking incredibly thin in 2011, but has since overcome issues with anxiety and stress - which she went to rehab for...
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LeAnn Rimes hospitalised in Ireland
SP_COP - September 12, 2013 -
Country music star Leann Rimes was forced to cancel her gig in Ireland on Thursday (12Sep13) after she was admitted to a hospital emergency room.The Blue hitmaker had been making a recovery after batt...
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LeAnn Rimes: 'Spitfire' Artwork & Tracklisting!
SP_COP - April 30, 2013 -
Check out the official artwork for LeAnn Rimes‘ highly anticipated upcoming album Spitfire, hitting stores on Tuesday, June 4!“This album is a peek into my world; who I am, what I’ve gone through, wha...