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Lauren Bacall Profile
American actress Lauren Bacall, born Betty Joan Perske, first gained fame for her work with actor-husband Humphrey Bogart in..
Lauren Bittner Profile
American actress Lauren Bittner is notable for portraying Julie in the box office hit “Paranormal Activity 3” (2..
Lauren C. Mayhew Profile
Actress and singer Lauren C. Mayhew has appeared in the television series “Law & Order,” “CSI: Crime S..
Laurence Fishburne Profile
actor, producer
“I’ve played a lot of bad guys, ‘cause that was the only work I could get. People saw my face and went &ls..
Lauren Cohan Profile
American born English actress Lauren Cohan is best known for playing Maggie Greene on the AMC horror series “The Walki..
Lauren Conrad Profile
Lauren German Profile
"I was an awkward, shy girl. While some kids turn to drugs or sex, I found acting. It helped me face the weirdness I f..
Lauren Graham Profile
“These days I have to be extra nice in stores. It never fails that whenever I look as bad as I can possibly look or I am sor..
Lauren Holly Profile
“(All My Children) was great acting experience because I got to do it all. I hated my mother. I found out my stepfather att..
Lauren Hutton Profile
actress, former model
“We have to be able to grow up. Our wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life. They are what we have been through..
Lauren London Profile
Lauren London is an American actress of film and television and model. Staring out as a music video actress, she has made a..
Lauren Sanchez Profile
“I've wanted to be a journalist as long as I can remember. As my mom will tell you, I've always been nosy!” Laur..
Lauren Shuler Donner Profile
Starting out as a camera operator and one of the first female members of the Hollywood Electronic Camera Union, Lauren Shule..
Lauren Velez Profile
American actress of Puerto Rican descent Lauren Velez, the twin sister of actress Loraine Velez,  is best recognized fo..
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