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Laura Breckenridge Profile
"I used to dance around the house and taught myself the Annie soundtrack. I got into singing and fell in love with it.&q..
Laura Dern Profile
actress, director, writer
American actress Laura Dern received international recognition as paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler in Steven Spielberg’s sci-..
Laura Harring Profile
“I believe the (lesbian) scenes were needed in the film to show the obsession between the two characters, but I was terrifie..
Laura Harris Profile
Canadian actress Laura Harris is best remembered as spoiled actress Daisy Adair (2003-2004) on Showtime's sci-fi comedy-dra..
Laura Innes Profile
After making her film debut in 1978's “The Fury,” Screen Actors Guild award winning actress and TV director Laur..
Laura Kightlinger Profile
"I want to be so famous that drag queens will dress like me in parades when I'm dead." Laura Kightlinger. Stand-up..
Lauralee Bell Profile
“Fans always ask me how they can learn to bring some of the soap opera magic into their own love lives. Our plot lines..
Laura Leighton Profile
“It's come around to where it's not a bad thing anymore to have that (Melrose) association.” Laura Leighton Ame..
Laura Linney Profile
"I don't consider myself a celebrity and I don't consider myself a star." Laura Linney Academy Award nominated actress Laura..
Laura Nativo Profile
American actress Laura Nativo has starred in several films, including “Aquanoids” (2003) and “Birth Rate” (2003). She also..
Laura Prepon Profile
One of the most well-known faces in Hollywood, model-turn-actress Laura Prepon came to mainstream stardom while portraying t..
Laura Ramsey Profile
“...Coming from Wisconsin, I've been working since I was twelve years old. Babysitting, and then all the way up to wa..
Laura San Giacomo Profile
  “I’ve fallen in love with all of the women (I’ve played) because there is something wonderful about them, and if you..
Laura Silverman Profile
American actress Laura Silverman, the older sister of comedian/actress/writer Sarah Silverman, is best known for playing a..
Laurel Holloman Profile
Actress Laurel Holloman is most famous for portraying Jennifer Beals' lover, Tina Kennard, on the popular Showtime series &ld..
Lauren Ambrose Profile
“I think it's such an amazing time of life when you have to accept responsibility for yourself for the first time. You..
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