Lynn Cohen Profile
American actress Lynn Cohen is perhaps most celebrated for playing Magda in several episodes of the HBO Emmy and Golden Glob..
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Up-and-coming actress Lynn Collins made her on-screen debut with a guest spot in a 1999 episode of "Law & Order: Sp..
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American actress and television host who began her career in Hong Kong Lynne Langdon has differentiated herself by becoming t..
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“Looking at my horrible ugly bulk on a huge screen was the turning point in my life.” Lynn Redgrave A two-time Os..
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A television, movie and stage actress of African American and Cherokee lineage, Lynn Whitfield first came to fame as a part..
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American Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, now consisting of vocalist/songwriter Johnny Van Zant, guitarist Gary Rossington,..
Lysette Anthony Profile
actress, model, producer
“In Hollywood, being a producer is rather like being a lesbian. Everybody says they’re doing it, when only a select few actu..